Kenmore Cycle Club Returns to Mt Crosby for Sunshine Series XCO

Photo Credit: Google Maps

Did you know that the Kenmore Cycle Club is 20 years old? In celebration of this milestone, the club will be mounting the fourth round of its Sunshine Series XCO racing at the challenging tracks of Mt Crosby 18 kilometres off the suburb. 

Set for Sunday, the 11th of Aug 2019, the XCO racing will begin at 7:00 a.m. Kenmore Cycle Club members are expected to converge at Tyamolum Scout Campsite at 31 Bunya Street in Mount Crosby minutes before the race. The whole event is expected to finish around noon. 

Volunteers from different clubs under the Queensland Mountainbike Association have prepared the race for all ages. While there are tracks and climbs that may test your biking skills, there are also lapses for casual bikers at the rainforest section. 

Photo: Kenmore Cycle Club/Facebook
6:30-7:45  Course practice (not compulsory)
8:00Junior U13 Boys/Girls, Kids U11 Boys/Girls
 8:45U17 Men, U15 Boys, Sport Men, U15 Girls, U17 Women, ALL WOMEN except Elite/U19
10:15Elite Men/Women, Junior U19 M/F, Master Men, Ebike

Bikers from faraway suburbs are expected to join this race as well and they are welcome to camp out before and after the race at Tyamolum (booking required).

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Photo: Kenmore Cycle Club/Facebook

The Kenmore Cycle Club aims to welcome more people at this Sunday’s XCO racing so members are encouraged to bring their friends and family members along even if they still don’t have a license. If you know someone interested in kicking off their biking hobby, this is the right time to join the club to start processing your Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) membership. For this particular event, however, the 12-month club membership fee will be waived for newbies.

For tickets to the XCO racing, email the club at This event is also a fundraiser to support the improvements and maintenance of the Tyamolum Scout Campsite.