Upswing Seen in Kenmore Bridge Club COVID-Safe Online Games

Kenmore Bridge Club
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The pandemic crisis might have kept people indoors but it won’t stop bridge players from organising their socials. Since the restrictions, some 200 members of the Kenmore Bridge Club reshuffled their bridge activities to the online platform, building more challenges and bringing more excitement among the players who have never played online before.

Whether it’s to avoid boredom or to reconnect with friends, enjoying a bridge game online has been a fun learning experience. Kenmore Bridge Club members in their 80s or 90s patiently learned and got comfortable using technology like the BridgeBase Online (BBO) platform and Zoom, and the response has been overwhelming.

Tournaments online started to double as the members’ family or friends, some of whom live interstate, also joined the bridge games. Former members, who have stopped playing months before the lockdown due to immobility or sickness, have returned as well.

Photo Credit: Kenmore Brige Club

As of 9 Nov 2020, Kenmore Bridge Club has reopened for in-person gaming amidst strict COVID-19 safety procedures. But the online games are not going away and might likely be adopted as the new normal with two to four tournaments at least five times a week.  

For a lot of these members, the weekly bridge games are a much-needed reward, escape, or distraction as they sit and concentrate on their strategy for two hours.

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The club is also conducting online bridge lessons with eight 2.5 hours sessions followed by supervised bridge games. Some members also get help for setting up their computers and other gadgets. 

For more details about the online bridge games, email for your inquiries.