Extended! Bellbowrie & Moggill Personalised Public Transport Service to Continue

Personalised Public Transport Service
Photo Credit: Cr Greg Adermann/Facebook

Following a six-month trial in late 2020, the Personalised Public Transport Service from Bellbowrie to Moggill has been extended and will still be available for commuters from Monday to Friday for the next six months. 

Beginning 1 July 2021, the Personalised Public Transport Service has been realigned to include and remove some routes. Per Councillor Greg Adermann, the $1 ride with 12 services will run on the following locations and take about 18 minutes per trip:

  • from Bellbowrie Shopping Plaza to Weekes Road (at Bloomsbury Crescent)
  • to Livesay Road (at Beaufort Crescent)
  • to Moggill Village Shopping Centre
  • to Moggill Road bus stop near Montanus Drive (to connect to the 444 bus service)
  • back to Bellbowrie Shopping Plaza
Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council
Photo Credit: Cr Greg Adermann/Facebook

Mr Adermann said that the new six-month trial will be funded by the 2021/22 Council budget but some realignments were necessary based on the allocation. 

“We had to make some tough decisions around the realignment of the route and the number of daily services, based on the funding allocation we received to extend the trial for 6 months,” he wrote

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“To include the new shopping centre and school, we had to lose a section of the old route and our data indicated the section cut had the lowest number of users. If we can make this trial work, it will give me something to work with to expand the service and hopefully make it permanent.” 

The Personalised Public Transport Service is separate from the Council Cabs service and runs on a fixed route or loop. The vehicle may only carry up to 10 passengers. 

To learn more about this service, visit the Council’s official site