The Heartfelt Tale of Amy Gomes: Kenmore Author with a Lifesaving Pen

Amy Gomes What Paramedics Do

Amy Gomes isn’t your typical children’s book author. This Kenmore local is a critical care paramedic whose mission to publish a book about her work matches the size of her heart.

The idea for her book arose from a simple yet profound realisation that there were no children’s books explaining her profession in a way that young minds could understand.

In “What Paramedics Do,” Ms. Gomes aimed to change that. With her paramedic background, she was uniquely qualified to tell the story of these everyday heroes. But she didn’t stop there as she chose to infuse her book with a social conscience.

A Book with a Mission

“What Paramedics Do” is not merely a children’s book; it also seeks to educate and offer hope. Its purpose is to teach children about the emergency number 000 and, more importantly, raise funds for a noble cause—the Heart of the Nation. This charity’s mission is to provide more communities with access to Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), devices that could potentially save lives.

Ms. Gomes’ work isn’t fiction; it’s a tool to impart knowledge and empower children with crucial information that might one day make a difference in an emergency. Her dedication to her craft is inspiring, and she understands the importance of rapid response and early defibrillation in cardiac emergencies.

“What Paramedics Do” is suitable for children aged 2 to 6, thoughtfully crafted with age-appropriate yet realistic illustrations. The aim is to reduce medical anxiety in children by making them familiar with the world of paramedics. It features special components with a Greg Page, the CEO of Heart of the Nation, and a cardiac arrest survivor. The book’s message ensures that health and emergency response reaches even more hearts.

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Giving Back to the Community

Ms. Gomes’ desire to help others has always driven her. From childhood fundraising efforts to founding One Little Heart in 2014, her commitment to philanthropy has been unwavering. One Little Box, her previous project, allowed people to purchase a box filled with thoughtful items, with the proceeds going to charity.

For this author, her book is more than just a project; it’s an opportunity to give back. Partnering with Greg Page’s charity, Heart of the Nation, means that £1 from every book sold supports a cause close to both their hearts. Additionally, for every 1,000 books sold, a portion of the profits will be donated—a tangible impact on her community.

The journey of Amy Gomes from childhood fundraising to becoming a critical care paramedic and author is a testament to her unwavering commitment to making the world a better place. With “What Paramedics Do,” she has found a way to combine her passions, ensuring that every book sold contributes to the greater good. It’s a labour of love that brings joy to her heart, a respite from the challenging workdays that define her profession.

Published 25-Sept-2023