Jackpot! Kenmore Resident Reaps $100-K Instant Scratch-Its Reward

The 11th of February 2021, mere days before the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day, has proven auspicious to one lucky winner, who managed to walk away with $100,000 after purchasing a $5 Instant Scratch-Its ticket from the local newsXpress in Kenmore Plaza.

Though the winner has chosen to remain anonymous, their good fortune goes to show that just about anyone can make it big and walk home with a heftier wallet. How the recipient intends to celebrate their newfound fortune remains a mystery, though it isn’t difficult to imagine the look on their face after learning about their win. 

Instant Scratch-Its spokesperson Ally Ramsamy chimes in, sharing how previous winners spent their money. “Other winners have told us they use their windfall to upgrade their car, go on a holiday, or shout their family to a great celebratory dinner,” says Ms. Ramsamy. 

Photo credit: mediacentre.thelott.com

What are Instant Scratch-Its?

Like most lotteries, Instant Scratch-Its offers players the chance to win a large amount of money after paying a small sum. Rewards vary depending on the cost of the ticket, and in the case of one lucky Kenmore local, a $5 ticket can land you the top prize of $100,000. However, what distinguishes this game from other lotteries lies in its name. Rather than waiting for the lucky draw, players will know if they’ve purchased a winning ticket in an instant after scratching the panels off.

Ticket prices range from $1 to $20, and the different games offered by Instant Scratch-Its vary depending on the scratch card purchased. The instructions on how each game is played can be found at the back of each ticket. Customers can buy tickets at licensed lottery outlets such as newsXpress Kenmore Plaza, Shop 4, 841 Moggill Road, Kenmore.