Vira Lata Brings Brazilian Food to Kenmore & Western Suburbs

Vira Lata, that big yellow truck roaming around West Brisbane, is hard to miss! The truck is a treat for the senses, with the delicious cooking smell emitting from it that is enough to send one’s stomach rumbling. Vira Lata drops by Kenmore every Thursday night on 2051 Moggill Rd. from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., serving authentic South American street food with a Portuguese twist.

Photo credit: Vira Lata Food Truck Facebook

Owned by husband and wife Carlo & Taline, they offer delicious Brazilian food concocted from secret family recipes. Vira Lata means “the mixed breed dog that roams the streets.”

One should not miss their Vira Lata signature sandwich with free range pork sausage, palm hearts, house made ketchup, cheddar cheese, kiss peppers, pickles and radishes topped with french fries and coriander.

The Vaca Lock (Crazy Cow) is a slow braised wagyu brisket on baguette with escabeche sauce and madam cheese, Brazilian haloumi with sugar cane sauce, Nordestino, and pat de queijo, gluten-free traditional Brazilian cheese buns.

Photo credit: Vira Lata Food Truck / Facebook

They also have a wide range of snacks but they are subject to availability. When it’s available don’t miss out on their coxinha and unha.

Esfiha with homemade Garlic & Yoghurt sauce
Photo credit: Vira Lara Food Truck / Facebook

Unwind with a cool drink of Guarana, a Brazilian soft drink.

Photo credit: Vira Lata Food Truck / Facebook

Check their website for their calendar.