Great Treasures at Vintage Etcetera in Kenmore

Vintage Etcetera in Kenmore will have you walking away with a smile on your face, laden with a shopping bag full of great finds.

Photo credit: Vintage Etcetera / Facebook

The shop delivers promising items, which means that you can always buy something here that you will find nice and useful. Owners Arthur and Robyn Rowland have always been passionate about antiques.

The assortment of items in this shop changes all the time. There is always something new to see. From antique rocking horses, globes to jewellery, there really is something for everyone here.

Photo credit: Vintage Etcetera / Facebook

One of the great things about the shop is that you don’t walk in a shop that smells of old furniture filled with dusty items. You will be surprised of how fresh and welcoming it is inside.

Photo credit: Vintage Etcetera / Facebook

Go check the counter for some of the most amazing homemade cards as well.

The staff also has plenty of unique stories to tell behind some items on-sale. Make sure that you ask about the pieces you like. Sometimes, knowing a little bit of background about an item makes all the difference.