What’s New at Booker Place Park?

If you haven’t been to Booker Place Park recently, you should definitely take time to visit. Did you know that there’s a new skate park at Booker Place Park? Also, check out the newly renamed Stegeman Sporting Complex.

Booker Place Park Skate Park

One of over thirty skate facilities in Brisbane, the new Booker Place skate park is now open for the public to enjoy.

Renovated Booker Place Park skate park
Photo Credit: Cr Greg Adermann / Facebook

The skate park was completed at a cost of $320,000. The upgraded skate park’s design incorporated traditional and street styles to best suit beginner and intermediate riders.

Park features include a central fun box with banked hip and ledge, an adjoining scooter track, a volcano fun box, a free-standing quarter pipe extension, a flow bowl transition section, and a concrete roll-over and flow section.

Stegeman Sporting Complex unveiled

At the beginning of the second quarter of 2022, the newly renovated Stegeman Sporting Complex was unveiled.

Named in recognition of Tony and Lorraine Stegeman’s contributions to the community and to the Bellbowrie Sports & Community Club, the sporting complex covers the fields used by the Moggill Cricket Club, the Bellbowrie Touch Football Club, and the Moggill Football Club.

Stegeman Sporting Complex unveiled
Photo Credit: Dr Christian Rowan MP / Facebook

Tony and Lorraine Stegeman helped build the club in 1984 by donating funds for its construction. The couple also went as far as mortgaging their family home to help finance the club’s refurbishment and new kitchen. Tony was likewise instrumental to the club’s return to good financial health, helping BSRC clear all its debt in 2020 when he returned to oversee its operations after a period of absence.

In 1989, Lorraine was honoured with a Community Service award from BSRC whilst Tony received a Bellbowrie Sports and Community Club Life Membership in 1995. Tony is also a recipient of a Medal of Order of Australia and the Australian Sporting Achievement award.

Stegeman Sporting Complex unveiled
Photo Credit: Dr Christian Rowan MP / Facebook

“Tony and Lorraine Stegeman’s association with the Bellbowrie Sports and Community Club is well known within my local community and when I outline it to the Chamber, I’m sure Councillors will agree this is a worthy recognition,” Councillor Greg Adermann said during his Council speech.