Kenmore State High School Pleads for Urgent Building Upgrades

The school council of Kenmore State High School is urging the Queensland government to come up with a timeframe and funding for buildings urgently needed by the school.

The school council, headed by Scott Meehan, noted that its request for building upgrades is not being addressed. Mr. Meehan said that the school’s masterplan will have to be treated as a priority.

Mr. Meehan believed that the main issue is the lack of funding. As a result, no timeframe has been made for the masterplan.

At the top of the list for improvements is the school’s library. If not upgraded, it will come to a point where some primary schools in the area will have better libraries compared to that of Kenmore High.

Proactive Measures Needed

The school could reach its capacity in three years’ time, according to Mr. Meehan. He stressed the need for the construction to be done as early as possible, especially as some of the current buildings are already deemed insufficient.

The Department of Education and Training stated that the school’s capacity will be adequate even beyond 2021. The proposed improvements are also being studied under the Infrastructure Management Framework of the department.

To address the increasing number of students in the area, there is a proposal to add a new high school that will service Moggill and Ipswich residents. MP for Moggill Dr. Christian Rowan supports this proposal, although he also highlighted the importance of investing in the current school facility.