Flood Warning Signs Program Expands to Gap Creek, 11 Other Locations

Flood warning signs will be installed in 12 locations around Brisbane, including Gap Creek Road in Kenmore Hills, to provide motorists with a visible reminder when a road gets flooded.

First announced in mid-September 2022, Brisbane City Council said it will expand its flood warning sign program to include twelve locations, providing solar-powered flood warning signs with a gauge that triggers an alarm once a creek or waterway reaches a certain level. 

Once activated, the flood warning sign will display an LED-backed “Road Closed Due to Flooding” message that will be visible even at night. The installation through its remote camera technology will also allow Council to monitor the waterway during a flood event and deploy a coordinated response as needed.  

With the new sign technology, Council hopes to reduce the risk of Brisbane motorists entering flood waters that put their lives and of others at risk. The 12 locations were chosen based on experts’ advice.

Currently, there are solar-powered automated flood warning signs already installed at three sites since 2019 with a further seven older-style flashing signs installed between 2006 and 2013.

“The ‘if it’s flooded, forget it’ message is one that we are all aware of,” Cr Schrinner said.

“Unfortunately, some motorists continue trying to drive on flooded roads, and sadly this has resulted in deadly consequences.

“We are determined to help motorists heed the warning not to drive on flooded roads by installing these signs at key locations.”

Unlike in 2011, Cr Schrinner said that the February flood set record-breaking rainfall causing a combination of river, creek and overland flow flooding right across Brisbane. This extreme weather event made it unsafe and impossible for Council officers to get to some flooded areas to erect temporary road-closed signs. With the new automated signs, however, Council will be able to close and actively monitor these flooded roads safely and in real-time.

Here are the 12 locations:

  • Formosa Road, Belmont
  • Bowhill Road, Durack 
  • Kholo Bridge, Kholo 
  • Sherwood Road, Rocklea
  • Lancing Street, Pullenvale 
  • Wynnum Road, Tingalpa 
  • Grandview Road, Pullenvale
  • Gap Creek Road, Kenmore Hills
  • Rafting Ground Road, Brookfield 
  • Victoria Street, Newmarket 
  • Paradise Road, Willawong / Larapinta 
  • Bracken Ridge Road, Bracken Ridge

The project will be partly funded by an allocation of $99,000 fromt he Federal Government, with Council spending an additional $500,000 for the 12 additional signs. Council expects its completion by the end of 2022 with further investments to follow.

Council is also undertaking round-the-clock inspections and cleaning of flood-impacted drainage systems as part of its ongoing response to the February flood.