Driver Spotted Using Snapchat While Driving in Kenmore

Social media is a huge part of our lives and although sharing your life on various social media platforms can be fun — there are times when it can be downright dangerous, posing a risk to one’s life and that of others’. Recently, an unknown motorist driving at 60km/h in Kenmore posted on Snapchat whilst driving.

The said video has gone viral after a netizen saw the video on Snapchat and commented about it, catching the attention of the Brisbane police. The police reminds the public to concentrate on driving and to put their mobile phones and cameras away while behind the wheel.

Just recently, RACQ has revealed that around 7% of drivers, particularly in southeast Queensland, have been caught using their phones whilst driving. The study ran between February and May of this year. It showed that plenty of drivers were on their phones while driving. Chermside takes the top spot from among the suburbs with the greatest number of offenders.

The Queensland University of Technology also conducted a study for Accident Research and Road Safety-Queensland, which revealed that eight in 10 drivers aged 17-25 have admitted to be using their phones whilst they’re driving. Interestingly enough, 40% of them admitted to using Snapchat.

As of press time, the Kenmore driver’s identity remains unknown.