Skip Bin Explosion in Fig Tree Pocket Leaves Locals Rattled; Innovative Bins On Its Way

A recent explosion in a skip bin in Fig Tree Pocket last December, which injured two men, has prompted calls for locals to be more vigilant in following proper waste disposal procedures.

Three men were filling the bin on McLaren Street when it exploded, which left one with minor burns whilst the other was in shock. They were quickly taken to the hospital. The eruption was so strong that the windows of three nearby houses were shattered.

According to witnesses, the men poured petrol over the pile of rubbish and shrubs in the bin to burn it and reduce it. However, it seems that the vapours have been trapped in the skip bin thus causing the explosion.

It seems like the rubbish found in the bin are mostly garden waste, which easily ignites. The Brisbane City Council has guidelines on where to properly throw your garden wastes:

  • at a Council transfer station
  • as compost and mulch in your garden
  • using Council’s green waste recycling service

There have also been developments in waste collection and reduction over the years to prevent this from happening.

In 2016, Solar Bins Australia developed BigBelly Solar Bins, which are powered by solar panel harnessing the energy of the sun and storing it within the battery. Once it reaches a particular level, the compactor initiates and will compact everything inside that waste basket. It was deployed in 23 areas in Australia.

Photo credit: Solar Bins Australiafig tree

Such innovation has proven to be effective in particular areas in the nation and has significantly reduced garbage collection times and eliminates the need for locals to burn waste in bins.