Loopholes Provide A Glimmer of Hope for The Pullenvale Reserve

Without a Trustee Lease from the government under the Land Act 1994, plans by the Kenmore Bridge Club to turn the Pullenvale Reserve into a 40-space carpark will not be able to proceed.

The Brisbane City Council has already given their approval on this proposed development. However, the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) has reached out to the council informing them that the application has not been properly made.

According to DNRM, the council cannot use the standard agreement for a Trustee Lease because in principle, it doesn’t have the Minister’s consent for issuing a lease. Also, it seems that the bridge club does not have tenure for the reserve. DNRM has advised the council that the development cannot push through on the reserve unless a trustee lease is in place.

Photo credit: savethekoala.com

Also, the government has announced that the council and the bridge club have yet to demonstrate how the proposed development will match the original legislated purpose of the reserve.

Public backlash against the planned carpark has been strong. Along with the locals who are protesting against the development, the Australian Koala Foundation has also expressed their disapproval. The Pullenvale Reserve is classified as a habitat for koalas.

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In light of this, there will be a talk on the 21st of October from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 43 Pullenvale Road. Locals will talk about saving the reserve and the CEO of the foundation will also speak about the importance of protecting the reserve and preserving the natural habitat of koalas. The event also urges locals to plant a Koala tree and to witness a traditional Smoking Ceremony by an elder from the Yuggera people.

BCC hasn’t released any further statements on the matter.