Safe and Sound: Anstead Ranked Among Safest Suburbs in Brisbane

Anstead, Bellbowrie, Moggill, and Priors Pocket have emerged as some of the safest suburbs to reside in Brisbane. Recent data shows that postcode 4070 is the second-ranked area code within the city and 34th across Queensland as a whole.

The analysis, conducted by Budget Direct, utilised property crime data from 2017 to 2020, obtained from the Queensland Police. The specific crime categories examined were “Unlawful Entry” and “Other Theft-Excluding Unlawful Entry.” Additionally, household data from the most recent Census trends was also taken into account.

Among the postcodes analysed, 4070 secured the second-highest position on the list, with a mere 17 crimes per 1,000 properties recorded. This places the area as the 34th safest postcode in all of Queensland.

Examining data from the Queensland Police Services – Online Crime Map covering the period from April 13, 2023, to July 12, 2023, Anstead experienced three reported offences during the last quarter – all falling under the category of “Other Theft-Excluding Unlawful Entry.”

In contrast, the entirety of postcode 4070 saw 53 reported offences within the same period. This figure includes nine cases of “Unlawful Entry” and 15 incidents of “Other Theft-Excluding Unlawful Entry.”

 Safe and Sound: Anstead Ranked Among Safest Suburbs in Brisbane
Trend line showing how 4070 has changed over the past 4 whole calendar years, as well as how it compares to the Queensland average | Photo Credit:  Budget Direct / 

Below are the top 5 safest area codes in Brisbane.

At the top is postcode 4055, which encompasses the suburbs of Bunya, Ferny Grove, Ferny Hills, and Upper Kedron. With a remarkably low rate of only 14 incidents per 1,000 properties, it ranks at number 25 in the state for safety.  

After postcodes 4055 and 4070, we find The Gap (Postal Code 4061) in the third spot. With 21 incidents per 1,000 properties, it ranks at number 41 in the state for safety. In area code 4037, which includes Eaton Hills, the safety record remains impressive. With only 23 incidents per 1,000 properties, it secures the 22nd spot in the state rankings.

Rounding out the top five is the area code 4154 which covers the suburbs of Gumdale, Ransome, and Wakerley, and it also stands as a safe haven for residents. With 24 incidents per 1,000 properties, it ranks at number 53 in the state for safety.

All of the top postcodes on the list exhibited fewer than 60 crimes per 1,000 properties, a significantly lower figure compared to the state average of 130 crimes per 1,000 properties.

Property crime rates attributed to the respective postcodes represent collective statistics encompassing all the suburbs within each postcode. Therefore, these figures may not accurately reflect the individual suburb’s property crime rates.

Published 13-July-2023