Israel Folau Buys Pullenvale Acreage Amid QRL Bid

Former NRL star Israel Folau has recently bought a Pullenvale acreage, amidst his bid to play to the Queensland Rugby League (QRL) but only if he’s released from his contract with the U.K. Super League club Catalans Dragons.

Per, Mr Folau and his wife, Maria, a former netball star, bought a four-hectare tract of land in the affluent west Brisbane suburb for $1.5 million. The land has a modest 1970s cottage with three bedrooms and 

Described as a private escape, the property in Grandview Road, which is about 15 kilometres away from Brisbane CBD, sits next to heaps of multimillion-dollar homes and was once part of the estate of mining magnate Nathan Tinkler. The block has the potential for the new owners to build their dream lifestyle.

Mr Folau has a significant property portfolio in Sydney as well and recently listed a building block in Austral, southwest of the CBD, which he bought in 2016 as an investment. 

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The news of his Pullenvale investment comes as Mr Folau’s bid to join the St George-Illawarra Dragons was rejected in February 2021. However, Chairman Peter V’Landys said that they will not interfere if the sports star signs with the Queensland Cup. 

Insiders said that this is his backdoor strategy in case the NRL would change its decision. Some 69 percent of NRL fans support Mr Folau’s return in a survey from the Australian Christian Lobby. 

In 2019, Rugby Australia sacked Mr Folau over his social media post, encouraging homosexuals to repent and lumping them with drunks, thieves, adulterers, and atheists. The sportsman sued Rugby Australia and received a generous settlement.

Bruce Hatcher, the chairman of the Queensland rugby league said there is “no legal impediment” for Israel Folau to play for the Queensland Cup. 

Mr Folau announced in mid-May 2021 that he’s signing with Gold Coast’s Southport Tigers. QRL officials said that they will welcome his return if he’s released from his Super League contract and abide by a few strict restrictions.

Catalans Dragons said that they still expect Mr Folau to return to France later this year after his compassionate leave to Australia. Reports cited they have no idea about his deal with Southport Tigers.

Meeting Called in Brookfield as 24 Suburbs Outraged Over New Runway

24 different suburbs have reported incredible levels of noise caused by aircraft following the opening of Brisbane Airport’s second runway in July, 2020. In Brookfield, a community meeting has been called to discuss the issue.

Over the past several weeks beginning in late 2020, the Brisbane Flight Path Community Alliance (BFPCA), a group that brings communities negatively affected by Brisbane Airport’s flight paths, collected a total of 2000 responses from the Brisbane public over Christmas complaining about the noise, which exceeded the number of responses about environmental concerns brought about by the runway. 

With the runway built over residential areas, it was only natural for thousands of angry locals to complain. The new runway has led to an uneven distribution of flight paths, with 75% of night operations taking place over the bay, much to the chagrin of suburbs in Southeast Brisbane.

Summer flight paths of the new runway of Brisbane. Left depicts morning flight paths in northerly winds. Right depicts overnight flight paths in calm weather. The marker represents Brookfield.
Photo credit: BNF Flight Path Tool

According to the BFPCA, the population density of the 24 suburbs affected have increased by 40% in the past 15 years. Thousands of families are having difficulty sleeping, concentrating or relaxing, and with new flight patterns brought about by the second runway, property values are decreasing due to the noise. 

An investigation staged by the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman is currently underway, and the BFPCA is set to submit a major report as part of the investigation in the next few weeks to help put an end to noise pollution brought about by aircraft. To address these issues, the BFPCA has organised numerous public meetings, with one scheduled for Brookfield on the 11th of March, 2021. 

The March 11 community meeting hosted by the BFPCA will be held at the Upper Brookfield Community Hall at 6:30PM. Additional details can be found on their Facebook event page.