Future Off-Road Cycling Sites in Pullenvale Ward Identified in Newly Unveiled Strategy

Off-road cyclists will soon have more spaces to explore as plans to create new biking tracks and off-road facilities across Brisbane, including several locations within the Pullenvale Ward, have been released.

Council unveiled the Brisbane Off-Road Cycling Strategy in December 2021 to meet the needs of a rapidly growing community of cyclists. Aiming to deliver “a safe, well-planned and connected network of facilities that protect Brisbane’s natural environment,” inputs for this strategy were gathered following community consultations since 2109. 

These consultations included outdoor and cycling groups or clubs, park visitors, bushwalkers and runners, community conservation and environment groups, schools, cycling trainers and coaches, residents, as well as the Queensland Government. About 89 percent of the respondents expressed their support for more off-road cycling facilities. 

According to Cr Greg Adermann, a number of spaces around Pullenvale Ward have been considered as potential off-road cycling areas

  • Mount Coot-tha
  • the old Creek Reserve at Brookfield
  • John Sprent Reserve and Priors Pocket Road Park at Moggill
  • Platypus Park and Marstaeller Road Reserve at Mount Crosby
  • Changing Mountain Bushland
  • Dandy’s Road Bushland
  • Kholo Bushland Reserve 
  • Shelley Road Park, Kholo
  • Primley Street Park, Pullenvale
  • Tuckett Street Park, Kenmore Hills

Per Council, the locations will be further studied “in the next five years and are subject to further detailed design, budget and environmental assessment.” 

Off-road cycling sites will cover four types:

  • a leisurely family bicycle ride along a trail or track
  • a more technically challenging mountain bike ride with obstacles and climbing
  • a session with the kids at a pump track, skills track, or dirt jumps
  • participation by people of all ages and abilities in mountain bike riding, gravel riding, or in a cyclo-cross race
Photo Credit: Brisbane Off-Road Cycling Strategy/BCC

Also in contention for implementation are:

  • technological advancements such as e-bikes, web-based systems and apps such as Strava and user generated content such as Trailforks
  • growing demand for individualised, unstructured recreation
  • preferences for screen time over nature time resulting in ‘nature deficit’, particularly in young people
  • opportunities for off-road cycling to be used as a tool to engage wider sectors of the community to stimulate interest in active lifestyles, stewardship of bushland reserves or wider social inclusion 

“This strategy balances conservation of the natural environment with opportunities for people of different ages and abilities to enjoy Brisbane’s unique parks and natural areas,” Council stated. 

Pullenvale Decorator Partners with Sekisui House Australia for Shavida

Sekisui House Australia, a global home builder, had spent years looking for a talented styling partner for their latest Australian development, Shavida. The stars aligned when they saw the work of Pullenvale decorator Bree Pullinger and realised that she was the perfect match for the project.

Taku Hashimoto, the project director of Sekisui House Australia, said that Bree had an understanding of what they wanted for Shavida. They signed her on to style four model homes that promote intuitive, functional, and flexible living. 

“Shavida homes are designed with a purpose. We make clever use of every centimetre in our floorplans, providing a real sense of ergonomic harmony and space, ensuring life at home happens effortlessly and with vibrancy. Bree was able to take this philosophy and truly bring it to life,” Mr Hashimoto said.

Shavida Bree Pullinger
Photo Credit: Bree Pullinger Interiors/Facebook

With her contemporary style, the creative decorator made use of natural light and a range of layers filled with textures and colours to enhance the Shavida display homes. To help bring her vision to life, Bree tapped Brisbane-based artist Donna Delaney Prints for the quality fine art prints, Ipswich business MM Designer Art for the simple but elegant framing, and UD Furniture Brisbane for the sofas, bed-heads, and upholstery.

Shavida Bree Pullinger
Photo Credit: Bree Pullinger Interiors/Facebook
Shavida Bree Pullinger
Photo Credit: Bree Pullinger Interiors/Facebook

“While every display home had a pre-determined theme, I was able to execute the team’s interior styling vision in line with the architectural intent of the homes, and reflect my personal touches on each design in what was a truly collaborative design process,” the decorator said.

Bree said that her partnership with Sekisui House Australia has been “an absolute dream and a fantastic opportunity.” When she was started her professional service as a decorator, Bree aspired for projects that bring value and make a meaningful impact. The Pullenvale mum wants to boost the support for local businesses and she’s also passionate about caring for the environment. 

“Sekisui House Australia’s sustainability values resonate with me, and its ethos to create homes with harmonious energy and a good feeling when you walk in aligns with my thinking and style.” 

Sekisui House Australia, founded in the 1960s, is in the process of releasing the styling packages prepared by Bree for new home buyers. 

Follow Bree’s work on social media and visit Shavida’s online site to learn more about the residential opportunity. Shavida’s display homes are at Parkview Parade, Ripley.

Kerbside Collection: When Will Pick-Up Resume in Kenmore & Surrounding Suburbs?

After more than a year’s hiatus, kerbside collection service will be restarting in July 2021. Here’s what residents of Kenmore, Kenmore Hills, Brookfield, Pullenvale and Fig Tree Pocket can expect.

After releasing the budget for the 2021-2022 financial year, Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner confirmed that kerbside collection will be back one year earlier than planned. 

In April 2020, Mr Schrinner suspended the operations for at least two years, or until July 2022, to direct the service’s expenses to Council’s other initiatives. Despite the unpopular decision, Council used the funds to help struggling small businesses and community groups as a result of the pandemic lockdowns. 

“We will start with the suburbs where it was paused…we’ll go back there and then start again in the normal way,” Mr Schinner said in announcing the service’s return.

Here’s the updated kerbside collection schedules for the following suburbs:

Kenmore Hills
26 July 2021
Fig Tree Pocket
02 Aug 2021
* Schedules are updated continuously as needed.

Prior to the updates, some residents informed Pullenvale Ward Councillor Greg Adermann that Kenmore, Kenmore Hills and Brookfield should be among the first suburbs to restart the service after they saw Council’s page showing a different date.

Photo Credit: Screengrabbed from Council’s official site

“[Kerbside collection] was paused on 3rd of April 2020, not May,” said a local, Ben Ponting, on Mr Adermann’s Facebook page. “Brookfield, Chapel Hill, Kenmore and Kenmore Hills were due to start 27th April 2020.” 

“Kenmore was supposed to have their kerbside collection in April 2020 yet the new schedule says Kenmore is only getting kerbside collection in June 2022,” Melinda Waldeck said. “Since kerbside collection was paused in March 2020, if the statement about the starting in July with the suburbs where it was paused is correct then Kenmore should be scheduled to have kerbside collection in August 2021. Kenmore’s last kerbside collection was April 2019, so if we aren’t scheduled until June 2022 it will be over 3 years between collections!” 

Cr Adermann was quick to reassure concerned locals and updated them about the situation.

“After receiving a large number of enquiries from local residents, I made enquiries which confirmed that the scheduled services to these areas were postponed just before they were due in April 2020, meaning they should have been among the first to receive a collection upon the resumption of kerbside collection,” he pointed out.

“To Council’s credit, they acknowledged this oversight and today agreed to my request to amend the collection schedule … Council’s website has been amended to reflect these changes,” he added.

Meanwhile, Brisbane residents are encouraged to check the list of items that are acceptable and not acceptable for kerbside collection so that nothing will be left behind by their kerb. Uncollected and improper disposal of household wastes could lead to an illegal dumping fine. 

Israel Folau Buys Pullenvale Acreage Amid QRL Bid

Former NRL star Israel Folau has recently bought a Pullenvale acreage, amidst his bid to play to the Queensland Rugby League (QRL) but only if he’s released from his contract with the U.K. Super League club Catalans Dragons.

Per realestate.com.au, Mr Folau and his wife, Maria, a former netball star, bought a four-hectare tract of land in the affluent west Brisbane suburb for $1.5 million. The land has a modest 1970s cottage with three bedrooms and 

Described as a private escape, the property in Grandview Road, which is about 15 kilometres away from Brisbane CBD, sits next to heaps of multimillion-dollar homes and was once part of the estate of mining magnate Nathan Tinkler. The block has the potential for the new owners to build their dream lifestyle.

Mr Folau has a significant property portfolio in Sydney as well and recently listed a building block in Austral, southwest of the CBD, which he bought in 2016 as an investment. 

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The news of his Pullenvale investment comes as Mr Folau’s bid to join the St George-Illawarra Dragons was rejected in February 2021. However, Chairman Peter V’Landys said that they will not interfere if the sports star signs with the Queensland Cup. 

Insiders said that this is his backdoor strategy in case the NRL would change its decision. Some 69 percent of NRL fans support Mr Folau’s return in a survey from the Australian Christian Lobby. 

In 2019, Rugby Australia sacked Mr Folau over his social media post, encouraging homosexuals to repent and lumping them with drunks, thieves, adulterers, and atheists. The sportsman sued Rugby Australia and received a generous settlement.

Bruce Hatcher, the chairman of the Queensland rugby league said there is “no legal impediment” for Israel Folau to play for the Queensland Cup. 

Mr Folau announced in mid-May 2021 that he’s signing with Gold Coast’s Southport Tigers. QRL officials said that they will welcome his return if he’s released from his Super League contract and abide by a few strict restrictions.

Catalans Dragons said that they still expect Mr Folau to return to France later this year after his compassionate leave to Australia. Reports cited they have no idea about his deal with Southport Tigers.

Brisbane Urban Myth: Link Between a Pullenvale Couple’s Divorce & Feral Deer Revealed

Have you ever wondered why there are feral deer regularly seen in Pullenvale or Jindalee, or causing a commotion on the Centenary Highway? For years, a popular urban legend has been circulating that a Pullenvale couple’s divorce has led to the growth of the feral deer population in the western suburbs.

The story goes that the couple once owned a large deer farm in Pullenvale that had a deliberate mishap, causing the animals to run around or cross the residential population. Following a messy divorce, locals said that the wife of the deer farmer apparently opened the gates to let the animals escape. 

The number of deer that got out could not be accounted for but locals who have had deer sightings, particularly in the western suburbs, believe these animals are either from the herd or the descendants of the herd from the Pullenvale farm.

It might be one of those absurd stories but this Brisbane urban myth has been confirmed by the Pullenvale deer farm owner himself. Farmer John, who now lives in Cairns, confirmed in a radio interview B105 Brisbane that he did own more than 500 deer, which escaped as a result of his marital woes.

Brisbane Urban Myth
Photo Credit: smarko/Pixabay

However, the farmer clarified that it was his mother-in-law who opened the gates to his deer farm and not his ex-wife. 

“She was angry. My mother-in-law released the deer,” he told Stav, Abby and Matt, the hosts of the program.  

John also said that the deer usually come back and find their way home but he thinks he lost about 130 from this incident. He can no longer recall the year this happened. 

According to Council, there are three types of feral deer, or those not kept in enclosures, commonly found in Brisbane. Brought to Queensland around the 1870s, some of their species could be aggressive and destructive as they may:

  • damaging native vegetation through browsing and trampling and ringbarking
  • competing with native wildlife for resources and habitat
  • reducing water quality to creeks, wetlands and river systems through over grazing and trampling
  • damaging residential gardens and fences
  • creating a traffic hazard on roads
  • attracting illegal hunting
  • transmitting diseases and parasites to humans, domestic animals and wildlife
  • aggressive behaviour (from stags) towards domestic animals, including horses, during breeding season

Council usually sets aside a fund for the management of feral deers every financial year but there was a time when their presence in the residential areas used to be bothersome. Various bushcare groups have also set up protectors around trees to prevent the deers from destroying the bark. 

However, it’s still best to report deer sightings at 07 3403 8888 or through the online form for prevention and control. 

Demand Rising For Impressive Brookfield And Pullenvale Acreage

Despite the economic downturn brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, Brisbane’s highly desired areas for buying acreages are reportedly experiencing an upswing.

Suburbs like Brookfield and Pullenvale are attracting plenty of interest from people who are considering a move to a semi-rural property where they can have plenty of outdoor space to relish in the beauty of nature and its natural benefits.

Brookfield and Pullenvale, both ideal areas for acreage living, are experiencing a Renaissance of sorts. In both suburbs, eager buyers are looking at properties that can range anywhere from one to 20 acres. 

Those exploring to get back to basics, to slow down their pace, and to figure out how to build a sustainable lifestyle — amid the hoarding and depletion of supplies as highlighted in this pandemic — are finding that these suburbs southwest of the city remain seemingly untouched by modern developments. 

Yet Brookfield and Pullenvale are still close to the hub in Brisbane CBD that it’s fine to miss most of what’s happening there. It’s also easy to plan a quick trip to the city when needed. 

This 1.12ha property on McMullen Road, Brookfield has its own swimming pool, tennis court, rainwater storage tank and solar hot water. The space is great for riding horses or bikes in the paddocks, with a 360-degree view of mountains and valleys. 

Photo Credit: Rachael Spinks/Spinks & Co Residential/Domain

In Kamala Drive, Pullenvale sits a 4ha house that looks like a plantation mansion. Impressive for private and family entertainment, this home has a gourmet kitchen and casual kitchen, as well as an alfresco area with an in-ground pool and spa. 

Photo Credit: Paris Arthur/Place Graceville/Domain

Observers note that this trend has been building up for some time. The isolation during the coronavirus lockdown has had people thinking that living close to a densely-populated community does have its drawbacks and risks, as it’s these places where outbreaks usually start. 

People are starting to realise that there are other things you can do in your own house than sit on the couch or be stuck indoors. The idea of having a bigger backyard has never been more appealing than today.

At least three distinct markets find the allure of living in Brookfield and Pullenvale — the knockdown market, the city-dwellers and people with money to invest in a bigger property, according to Domain

Pullenvale Popup Lines Up Interesting Finds for Saturday Market Day

Saturday is meant to be spent on activities for unwinding and relaxing. You can do just that and more at this pop-up market next to the Pullenvale Hall on Grandview Road.

The Curious Caravan, the travelling cafe and events organizer for hire, and the wellness store The Essential Community are mounting the Pullenvale Saturday Pop-Up Market on the 24th of Aug 2019 from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Expect a showcase of crafters, makers, and local food amidst a breezy background filled with greens and trees.

Photo Credit: The Curious Caravan/Facebook
Photo Credit: The Essential Community/Facebook

Keeping the Community Spirit Alive

The Curious Caravan is an iconic presence at the centre of Pullenvale Hall, where a lot of community events take place. Every morning, the tiny cafe’s freshly brewed coffee fills the air, much to the delight of the locals.

There have been dozens of these Pullenvale Saturday Pop-Up Market over the years. However, every event is an opportunity for the locals to touch base with each other and enliven the community.

What to Expect at the Pop-Up

You’ll be pleased to shop and dine at this pop-up’s laid-back atmosphere, amongst a crowd of friendly faces. Aside from The Curious Caravan and The Essential Community, these local establishments will be setting up stalls at the pop-up:

Julia’s Pantry

Julia’s Pantry is a specialty home-based business offering a wide range of goodies like cakes and tarts, as well as preserves and jams. An empty nester with a passion for cooking, Julia makes use of her postgraduate degree in gastronomy to cook food from scratch and sell these at markets and festivals. She also conducts cooking classes in West Brisbane, as there is nothing more she’d love to do but be in the kitchen.  

Photo Credit: Julia’s Pantry/Facebook

At the Pullenvale Pop-up last July, Julia sold these goodies below so expect more treats to hoard from her stall this August: 

Photo Credit: Julia’s Pantry

Seremban Living

Seremban Living is a home decor supplier selling unique crafts for your house or for gifting to friends and family. Their popular items include snuggly throw blankets, resin art trays, and raw cotton cushions. They also have Shibori home products, which makes use of a Japanese dyeing technique.

Photo Credit: Seremban Living/Facebook

A Life Made of Paper

A Life Made of Paper features bespoke cards, home decors, party favours, banners or buntings and other giftables created by Kelly Olds. While she has a day job, she dabbles in the creative arts as a passion and has been Stampin’ Up!© demonstrator for over five years. She also teaches paper crafting classes. 

Photo Credit: Stampin’ Up
Photo Credit: A Life Made of Paper/Facebook

Rani’s Cuisine

Rani’s Cuisine offers authentic Indian and Mauritian dishes prepared by Ranee Veerassamy. Her native island of Mauritius might be known as a tourism hotspot but for Rani, it is the food that’s the heart of her heritage with its curry, pickles and spices. Her friends regard her cooking as healing comfort food.

Among Rani’s best-selling products come in jars sold for $7 or $9 a pop: Mauritian Curry Paste, Mauritian Piment Limon Rouge, Butter Chicken Paste, and the Kerala Fish Curry Paste. She prepares and grinds these following techniques and recipes passed on to her family for generations. 

Don’t forget to ask about her cooking classes. She’s also open to catering dinner parties. 

Photo Credit: Rani’s Cuisine/Facebook

To add to the casual vibe, live music will play while you’re shopping, eating or hanging around with your group at the picnic tables.

The Pullenvale Saturday Pop-Up Market is still open for stall holders if you’re interested in selling at this event. Phone The Curious Caravan at 0452 068 098 or email thecuriouscaravan@gmail.com for enquiries. 

Planned Burns in Pullenvale and Other Areas Underway to Prepare for Bushfire Season

Pullenvale residents have been advised to stay away from the walking tracks for at least two weeks as planned burns are being undertaken at Primley Street Park.

Brisbane City Council has started its annual practice of planned burning around local reserves to mitigate the impact of bushfire season. According to the Council, some 12 hectares of forest area formed part of the planned burn at the reserve which has also temporarily affected the conditions at the Hawkesbury Road Nature Refuge. Further planned burns will also take place at the Mt Coot-tha Reserve, as well as 20 other sites across Queensland this August.

Since specific dates of the planned burn are not quickly determined as it is based on weather conditions, the Council said it will notify residents and neighboring suburbs on the day of the burn. To be better prepared, however, you can check the planned burn area map to give you an idea of which neighbourhood could be affected. 

Photo Credit: sandid/Pixabay

Smoke coming from these burns may be bothersome for residents. However, the hazard burns are necessary to protect the local resources, environmental habitats and human lives.  

“These burns aim to reduce the amount of fire fuel such as leaves and twigs by 75 percent over the 60 to 80 percent of the land being burned,” Councillor Vicki Howard said.

“All Brisbane residents can prepare their properties by tidying the yard, clearing gutters and overhanging branches and raking up twigs and dried leaves from around the house and garden,”  she added.

Residents must also have emergency kits where important documents are kept so that it’s easy to grab in case the unexpected happens.

Precise planned burning techniques will be carried out by trained members of the bushland and fire management. Bushfire season usually runs from late August until November every year. 

Pullenvale Takes Highest Number of Workers From Home in Brisbane

Oh, the joys of working from home! No wonder an increasing number of Australians choose to work from home. They don’t need to travel to their work and sit in traffic during peak hours, plus they also get to work in their pjs! In Brisbane, Pullenvale is the suburb with the highest percentage of residents who work from home.

Recent census data reveals that most workers-from-homes are 60% women. In Pullenvale, 10.8% of the labour force are workers-from-home; that’s majority in the city. It has also been* observed that the type of job that allows people to work from home are the ones that are highly skilled or highly creative.

Most of these workers from home are bookkeepers, office managers, secretaries, graphic and web designers, advertising and creative professionals, private tutors and teachers, journalists and writers.

Still, with this “gradually” growing number of Australians who work from home, there is still a much larger percentage of Australians who don’t. Some perceive working from home could disrupt their workflow and restrict them from fully collaborating with other professionals to develop ideas and solutions, hence most Australians still choose to take a normal working life.

For now, working from home is more viable for workers who have the skills and workplace to still deliver their work conveniently from the comforts of their own home.

Pullenvale Reserve’s Fate Remains Uncertain, Australian Koala Foundation Extends Support Against Development

The Pullenvale Reserve has long been a topic of discussion with the Kenmore Bridge Club eyeing the place for conversion into a 40-space carpark. On 8 July 2016, the Brisbane City Council approved the development plan.


Majority of the Community Against the Development

Landpartners Ltd, the company behind the development proposal, is facing stiff opposition from numerous residents who have been vocal in expressing their disapproval over the application. During the review stage, the council received 252 objection letters versus 137 submissions of support for the development. Most of the objections were about the inconsistencies with the application whilst the letters of support were mainly personal opinions about the development.

The reserve is considered a public reserve owned by the State Government of Queensland. The council is considered a trustee of the reserve, vested with the responsibility of maintaining and managing the land.

A number of locals are very disappointed with the approval of the development application, which to them a significant lifestyle change. Pullenvale residents currently enjoy a peaceful, semi-rural lifestyle. Some think that the development will have a huge environmental impact considering that the area is home to native wildlife especially koalas and native birds.


Save The Reserve, Save The Koalas

In light of this, those who are against the development continue to hold their ground and fight for the reserve. There are new tree signages at the reserve that are meant to identify likely koala trees. This follows the Australian Koala Foundation’s analysis of the area, which revealed that the koala activity in the area is at 23%.

The CEO of AKF, Deborah Tabart, is calling out to the council to have the reserve protected and to provide the locals with certainty on the plans about the reserve. To strengthen their support, the AKF is now holding a Tree Planting and BBQ Day at the reserve on 21 October at 3:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend and AKF experts. will also educate attendees on the importance of biodiversity of parklands.

Today, the development has been stalled due lack of funds. The community has taken advantage of the lull to keep on fighting for the reserve.