Peafowl Owners in Pullenvale May Have to Get Rid of Their Peafowl as Brisbane City Council Changes the Law; Public Consultation Ongoing

The Brisbane City Council has made some changes to their legislation surrounding animals and it is now restricting residents from keeping any peafowl on properties not classified as rural. Pullenvale has quite a number of peafowls, which have been the subject of numerous complaints to BCC.

As per the council’s current rules, residents can keep up to 20 fowl if their properties are more than 800 square metres. For those who have less than 800 square metres of property size, they are only allowed to keep up to six fowl.

Due to the recent changes, the council will now fine peafowl owners in areas not classified as rural of up to $6,300, which has gotten a mixed reactions. Some residents were appalled whilst others support the change.

In light of this, the council expects residents to get rid of their peafowl and to move it to the rural areas. There are several areas in Pullenvale, Brookfield and Upper Brookfield that are zoned as rural.

This new law is still open for public consultation until 22 February.