Peafowl Owners in Pullenvale May Have to Get Rid of Their Peafowl as Brisbane City Council Changes the Law; Public Consultation Ongoing

The Brisbane City Council has made some changes to their legislation surrounding animals and it is now restricting residents from keeping any peafowl on properties not classified as rural. Pullenvale has quite a number of peafowls, which have been the subject of numerous complaints to BCC.

As per the council’s current rules, residents can keep up to 20 fowl if their properties are more than 800 square metres. For those who have less than 800 square metres of property size, they are only allowed to keep up to six fowl.

Due to the recent changes, the council will now fine peafowl owners in areas not classified as rural of up to $6,300, which has gotten a mixed reactions. Some residents were appalled whilst others support the change.

In light of this, the council expects residents to get rid of their peafowl and to move it to the rural areas. There are several areas in Pullenvale, Brookfield and Upper Brookfield that are zoned as rural.

This new law is still open for public consultation until 22 February.

Loopholes Provide A Glimmer of Hope for The Pullenvale Reserve

Without a Trustee Lease from the government under the Land Act 1994, plans by the Kenmore Bridge Club to turn the Pullenvale Reserve into a 40-space carpark will not be able to proceed.

The Brisbane City Council has already given their approval on this proposed development. However, the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) has reached out to the council informing them that the application has not been properly made.

According to DNRM, the council cannot use the standard agreement for a Trustee Lease because in principle, it doesn’t have the Minister’s consent for issuing a lease. Also, it seems that the bridge club does not have tenure for the reserve. DNRM has advised the council that the development cannot push through on the reserve unless a trustee lease is in place.

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Also, the government has announced that the council and the bridge club have yet to demonstrate how the proposed development will match the original legislated purpose of the reserve.

Public backlash against the planned carpark has been strong. Along with the locals who are protesting against the development, the Australian Koala Foundation has also expressed their disapproval. The Pullenvale Reserve is classified as a habitat for koalas.

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In light of this, there will be a talk on the 21st of October from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 43 Pullenvale Road. Locals will talk about saving the reserve and the CEO of the foundation will also speak about the importance of protecting the reserve and preserving the natural habitat of koalas. The event also urges locals to plant a Koala tree and to witness a traditional Smoking Ceremony by an elder from the Yuggera people.

BCC hasn’t released any further statements on the matter.

Celebrating Local Produce: Pullenvale On a Platter

On 14 October, Pullenvale Hall hosts a feast starting from 1:00 p.m. until late! Locals will enjoy Pullenvale on a Platter, an event that features delicious produce and the participation of two well-loved purveyors of great food in the area.

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Three Girls Skipping in Graceville, known for their delicious treats and coffee as well as other food choices will be serving lunch.

Aside from regional wines, White Lies Brewing Co. will also be serving local ales.

Pullenvale on a Platter is a major fundraising events whose proceeds will go to the Hall, whilst 10% of the profits will go towards Oz Harvest. OzHarvest is the leading food rescue organization in Australia that collects quality excess food from commercial outlets and deliver it to more than 1,000 charities supporting people in need across the country.

Each table consists of eight people. The event will be hosted by the Pullenvale Progress Association.

Due to its popularity, tickets to the event have already been sold out.

Pullenvale Hall Continues to Promote a Sense of Community

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Pullenvale Hall is the residents’ go-to place for events that involve the local community and even their personal celebrations and get-togethers. The Hall, considered an institution in the area, has been the centre of the community for almost 80 years.

The Hall is run by the Pullenvale Progress Association. They rely on fundraising events and donations to maintain the hall. The funds are acquired through various events. Since the hall is open for community use, it gets bookings for weddings, private functions, yoga and dance classes, pop-up restaurants, and other events.

The Hall used to be an old pineapple packing shed which was purchased from local resident Jack Woodward in 1943. In October 1860, a couple named John and Mary Ogle arrived in Brisbane and purchased the land where the Hall now stands.

Little is known about the Hall’s history aside from that it used to house plenty of pineapples back in the day. Today, the hall is bursting with so much life as it welcomes the community in what has been several generations of events.

To sustain the Hall, the association that handles it has a regular program of social events that has provided a regular stream of bookings for years.

  • Old Time/New Vogue Dance (every third Sunday of the month)
  • Friday Night Off movie nights
  • Melbourne Cup event
  • Back to Pullenvale Day
  • Market Day
  • Business Expo
  • Screening of major sporting events
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The weekly programs vary. These activities cater to both adults and children and usually involve physical activity such as dance classes and yoga.

The Pullenvale Hall brings the community together. You don’t want to miss the awesome Friday movie nights here at this beautiful suburb that will make you feel right at home. For updates on their events, you can check out their official Facebook page as well as their website.

Pullenvale’s Brisbane Backyard Film Festival 2017 Location Remains a Mystery

A mysterious festival is about to happen in Pullenvale on the 5th of May. The Brisbane Backyard Film Festival is happening… but there’s a catch.

No one knows its exact location, except that it’s going to take place in the suburb of Pullenvale. Other than that, people are kept in the dark.

The film festival will showcase a number of short films, music videos and other miscellaneous tidbits. It will begin at 7:00 p.m. and will go on for approximately three hours.

Photo credit: Brisbane Backyard Film Festival / Facebook
Photo credit: Brisbane Backyard Film Festival / Facebook

Since the event is at dinner time, Brisbane’s food trucks will also be around to satisfy your cravings and indulge your appetite. The event is open for all ages. Everybody is encouraged to bring their own fold-up chairs, blankets, or simply anything that you can sit on comfortably.

The exact location will only be given to ticket-holders before the event.

Are you ready for a surprise?

Get your tickets here!