Kenmore Residents Urged to Save Endangered Species

Kenmore residents have a unique opportunity to contribute to the survival of an endangered species right in their backyard.

The Pullen Pullen Catchments Group is calling for volunteers to support the conservation of the Collared Delma, also known as the Legless Lizard, recently discovered in the Council-managed Anstead Bushland Reserve.

Photo Credit: Screengrab from Google Map

Residents are encouraged to dedicate just six minutes a day to help reverse the decline of this remarkable reptile. The Collared Delma requires very specific and rare habitat conditions, which are present at the Anstead Reserve. By volunteering, locals can assist in restoring the environment to its natural state, significantly improving the chances of survival for this vulnerable species.

Photo Credit: Screengrab from Google Map

Volunteers are needed to work as a group on Friday mornings starting at 7:00 a.m. or on the first Sunday of each month beginning at 8:30 a.m. Participants should gather in the main parking lot of the Anstead Reserve, with entry via Hawkesbury Road. This initiative offers an excellent way for Kenmore residents to make a tangible difference in local wildlife conservation.

For more information, interested individuals can contact Jim Williams at 0407 181 777 or visit the Pullen Pullen Catchments Group’s website at Pullen Pullen Catchments.

This volunteer effort not only aims to safeguard the Collared Delma but also fosters community engagement and environmental stewardship among Kenmore residents. The Pullen Pullen Catchments Group hopes to see a robust turnout, demonstrating strong local support for the preservation of the Anstead Bushland Reserve and its unique inhabitants.

Published Date 21-June-2024