Facial Recognition AI Helps Save the Koalas in Moggill & Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Did you know that the Moggill Koala Rehabilitation Centre and the Lone Pine Sanctuary in Fig Tree Pocket are harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by using facial recognition technology to help save the koalas?

Efforts to bolster the survival of koalas are now complemented by the innovative work of a team of Griffith University AI researchers and ecologists, who have secured funding to advance their ‘facial recognition’ camera technology at koala crossing locations across South East Queensland (SEQ).

For the third consecutive year, these researchers are working to deploy state-of-the-art “facial recognition” camera technology at strategic koala crossing locations across SEQ.

This groundbreaking initiative aims to monitor and understand how koalas utilise these crossing points, ultimately providing invaluable research-based insights to help safeguard this declining population. 

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Leading this pioneering study is Professor Jun Zhou from Griffith’s School of Information and Communication Technology. The project’s inception was made possible by a $90,000 Community Sustainability Action Grant awarded by the Queensland Government’s Department of Environment and Science in March 2021, followed by an additional $100,000 grant from DES in June 2023.

“This project extends our innovative AI-powered koala monitoring system to cover wider areas of koala habitat in South East Queensland, and engage with 14 local community groups across 10 local government areas to facilitate the installation and maintenance of the camera network,” Professor Zhou shared.

In July 2021, the team successfully deployed 24 AI-powered cameras at strategic koala crossing locations within the Redland City Council area. These cameras automatically activate in response to koala movement, capturing hundreds of videos and images which are then transmitted to a server at Griffith University. 

The AI technology developed by the research team studies these videos and images, enabling it to identify individual koalas.

Mogill Rehabilitation Centre
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Caroline Moss, Queensland Rail Group Senior Manager Environment & Sustainability, emphasized the significance of this research.

“A research project like this helps us to understand how this technology can be applied, not only here in the Redlands, but where appropriate in other locations, given that Queensland Rail operates a really large network,” she said.

To ensure the AI can accurately distinguish one koala from another based on their appearance and movements, the research team collaborated closely with conservation groups such as the Koala Action Group Redlands, Daisy Hill Koala Centre, Moggill Koala Rehabilitation Centre, and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

“We can see from the data that koalas are in trouble here. They’ve recently been listed as endangered in Australia, and Southeast Queensland was formally a hotspot. The driver of that decline has been urbanisation,” Dr. Douglas Kerlin, a co-researcher, said.

The research project is particularly relevant during the breeding season when koalas face increased risks, including collisions with vehicles. 

“We’re all about sharing information, and it’s really good to be able to put people in contact and create that conduit between researchers so that everyone can get to the same goal faster,” Frank Mikula from Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary near Kenmore, highlighted the importance of collaboration. 

“The technology does the heavy lifting for us, and that’s really important moving forward. 

“With increased knowledge about how koalas are crossing roads, we can better inform mitigation and management so that we can ensure a better long-term future for koalas.” 

Published 2-Oct-2023

Get Ready! Moggill Marathon Scenic Fun Run Returns

Are you ready to run a half marathon, join a fun run, or take on the hilly terrain of “Mount Moggill,” all for a worthy cause? Organized by local residents David Ember, Emil Schoeman, and their friends, the Poolwerx Moggill Marathon is coming up soon.

The marathon, happening on Sunday, 21 May 2023, will start at Kangaroo Gully Road and finish at Witty Road by the Westaway Park entrance.

Whether choosing to participate in a half marathon, 10km, 5km, or 2km fun run, participants can expect to be treated to breathtaking views of the picturesque Moggill region. But the real challenge lies in scaling “Mount Moggill” and its hilly terrain along the way, adding an exciting element to the event.

Despite the absence of an official marathon in the current event lineup, the Poolwerx Moggill Marathon has grown in popularity among participants and the local community. In previous years, runners praised the event for its well-organized nature, enjoyable atmosphere, and challenging yet rewarding courses. 

Moggill Marathon
Photo Credit: Moggill Marathon

The marathon is seen as a fantastic warm-up and training opportunity for other upcoming marathons in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Mr Ember shared the story behind the Poolwerx Moggill Marathon’s inception.

“Emil and I were running Rocks Riverside Park Run every Saturday together for fun after we met late 2019 through our daughters attending the same prep class at Moggill State School,” he said.

Initially, the pair had only completed a half marathon, but they decided to take on the challenge of organizing their own marathon after the cancellation of the Brisbane Marathon due to the pandemic. The inaugural event took place in 2020, with the starting and finishing point located at Westaway Park.

Moggill Marathon
Photo Credit: Moggill Marathon

The Poolwerx Moggill Marathon not only offers a memorable experience for participants but also supports important causes. In 2023, the chosen beneficiary is Bravery Box, an organization that provides support for children with cancer. The event also extends its support to various local community groups, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among participants and residents alike.

Published 18-May-2023

Moggill Markets to Celebrate Mums Ahead of Mother’s Day

Still have no idea what to give the mums in your life for Mother’s Day? Drop by the Moggill Markets at St Michael and All Angels’ Anglican Church and check out its Mother’s Day-themed celebration this weekend so you can be ready for May!

Ahead of Mothers’ Day in May 2022, Moggill Markets will have heaps of stalls full of gift ideas for mums, wives, grandmothers, sisters, or daughters. The Mother’s Day-themed markets will be on Saturday, 23 April 2022 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 

There will be fresh produce, homeware and homemade items, as well as plenty of fashionable finds for women. However, market visitors may also get a chance to meet and talk with the local makers and perhaps arrange for bespoke and one-of-a-kind creations on Mothers’ Day while there is still time. 

Aside from the stalls, Moggill Markets have a lot of family-friendly entertainment lined up so there’s something to do for everyone who visits the markets, including the children. Grab breakfast, coffee, or brunch at the street food stalls joining for the week.

Photo Credit: Moggill Markets

This will be the second event of the year for Moggill Markets after a long hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We were totally overwhelmed by the huge support and positive feedback we had from the community at our very first market in Moggill,” JAMboree Events Director of Operations Melanie Lee said. “We were so thrilled you all loved it and we will be working to make it even better as we hold each one!” 

“Needless to say we can’t wait till the next one on Saturday 23 April 2022 8-12 noon with loads in store ready for Mothers Day!!!” 

Keep tabs on Moggil Markets Mother’s Day event via Facebook

Moggill Markets Holds Grand Opening at the All Angels’ Anglican Church

Did you know that Moggill is finally getting its very own local farmers and homemakers market? Get ready for the Moggill Markets, which will make its debut soon at the All Angels’ Anglican Church on Moggill Road.

Launching on Saturday, 26 March 2022, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., the Moggill Markets will feature quality produce, interesting food and drink choices, and unique gift or home items. 

The markets are also a great opportunity for families to connect to the community as the adults enjoy a warm cup of coffee together. It’s been more than 10 years since Moggill has had regular community markets where folks can support local businesses, enjoy the company, and purchase great finds. 

Family-friendly activities and entertainment, including a wildlife show and face painting for the kids, are also in the cards.

Some of the crafters stallholders to check out include the following:

MKJ Creations

Mom, Megan, established her ship in 2020 as a creative outlet. She makes unique and customised gifts to suit every need. 

Photo Credit: MKJ Creations/Facebook

Kumbha Inspiration

Kumbha is Sanskrit for Aquarius, which is associated with all sorts of inspiration. Kumbha Inspiration is also an outlet for its owner who has been exploring and growing her creative side. She makes handcrafted accessories.

Photo Credit: Kumbha Inspiration/Facebook

Wish Art Design 

Jennifer Wishart, a wife and grandmother, is the woman behind Wish Art Design and she specializes in hand-drawn black and white artistic pieces. 

Photo Credit: Wish Art Design/Facebook

Lara’s Ink Art

Lara turns her alcohol ink designs into trivets, food platters, coaster sets and other gift ideas. She also customises pieces.

Photo Credit: Lara’s Ink Art/ Facebook

German Sausage Haus, Red Hot Food, Tribe Coffee Co., and Turkish Tucker will be there to serve famished visitors. 

Moggill Markets
Photo Credit: Moggill Markets/Facebook

After the launch, Moggill Markets will be a monthly event with the schedule already mapped out until December 2022.  

  • Saturday 23rd April
  • Saturday 28th May
  • Saturday 25th June
  • Saturday 23rd July
  • Saturday 27th August
  • Saturday 24th September
  • Saturday 22nd October
  • Friday 25th November – November Twilight Market – 5:00 to 9:00 p.m.
  • Friday 23rd December – (time TBA)

For interested makers and providers who might want to have a stall, check out JAMboree Events for the details.

Extended! Bellbowrie & Moggill Personalised Public Transport Service to Continue

Following a six-month trial in late 2020, the Personalised Public Transport Service from Bellbowrie to Moggill has been extended and will still be available for commuters from Monday to Friday for the next six months. 

Beginning 1 July 2021, the Personalised Public Transport Service has been realigned to include and remove some routes. Per Councillor Greg Adermann, the $1 ride with 12 services will run on the following locations and take about 18 minutes per trip:

  • from Bellbowrie Shopping Plaza to Weekes Road (at Bloomsbury Crescent)
  • to Livesay Road (at Beaufort Crescent)
  • to Moggill Village Shopping Centre
  • to Moggill Road bus stop near Montanus Drive (to connect to the 444 bus service)
  • back to Bellbowrie Shopping Plaza
Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council
Photo Credit: Cr Greg Adermann/Facebook

Mr Adermann said that the new six-month trial will be funded by the 2021/22 Council budget but some realignments were necessary based on the allocation. 

“We had to make some tough decisions around the realignment of the route and the number of daily services, based on the funding allocation we received to extend the trial for 6 months,” he wrote

“To include the new shopping centre and school, we had to lose a section of the old route and our data indicated the section cut had the lowest number of users. If we can make this trial work, it will give me something to work with to expand the service and hopefully make it permanent.” 

The Personalised Public Transport Service is separate from the Council Cabs service and runs on a fixed route or loop. The vehicle may only carry up to 10 passengers. 

To learn more about this service, visit the Council’s official site