Kenmore Roundabout Upgrade Project Scrapped in Favour of Moggill Road Bikeway

The delivery of the Kenmore Roundabout Upgrade Project will no longer proceed, following pushback for the planned solution by local residents and a re-routing of proposed funding, that appears to be a win for cyclists and a loss for Kenmore motorists.

Original funding for the Kenmore Roundabout Upgrade Project stood at $25 million, being $12.5m from State Government and $12.5m from Federal Government. However having surveyed local residents, resulting in a 94% disapproval of the planned traffic light intersection to replace the roundabout, State Government decided to re-allocate their $12.5 m into preliminary planning of a new cycleway for the area. It isn’t clear at this stage what will happen to the Federal Government’s $12.5m pledge.

Queensland Transport & Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey confirmed that the delivery of an active transport solution will now be the priority as it was very clear Kenmore locals “don’t want lights to replace the Moggill Road roundabout.”

“We’ll work with local residents on how we can deliver something fit for purpose, so keep an eye out for more information as we kick start the planning process,” Mr Bailey said

Mr Bailey also confirmed that the Moggill Road Bikeway will be divided into three sections comprising Centenary Highway to Chapel Hill Road, Kilkivan Avenue, and the intersection on Moggill Road and Rafting Ground Road. 

Moggill Road Bikeway
Photo Credit: MarkBaileyMP/Facebook

The minister, who supports active transport as a bike rider himself, is aware that bikers accessing the Centenary Cycleway to the CBD are at great risk as Moggill Road traffic is at 60km/h. However, planning for a separate cycleway on this site has to be carefully considered since Moggill Road is narrow. 

The community will be informed and asked for feedback before any plans are finalised. 

After campaigning for a Moggill Road Bikeway for years, Brisbane West BUG welcomed Mr Bailey’s announcement to shift their plans.

“We think it’s also important to thank Dr Christian Rowan MP who has for years backed our calls for investment in safe cycling infrastructure on Moggill Road. Just last month Dr Rowan asked a question on notice what cycling infrastructure will be funded and delivered in the Moggill electorate,” the group stated

“We’re thrilled with the answer!”

“As Minister Bailey said at the Safe Streets for All ride this morning, active transport is not an optional extra, a nice to have or an add on, it’s an essential component of the transport system. It is wonderful to see that essential component getting the investment it needs in the western suburbs.”