Kenmore Business Strip to Get New Restaurants

Did you know that the business strip at 2071 Moggill Rd in Kenmore will be redeveloped into a three-level complex for food and drink tenancies?

The restaurants are expected to trade at night when there is less traffic in the area. This Kenmore shopping strip is near the Kenmore roundabout, Kenmore State School and the  Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic primary school.

The planned development on 2071 Moggill Rd, popularly known as the home of Kenmore Cycles, will also have lower-ground car park areas with a new rear access easement. Deep plantation has been envisioned for the site, as well as a pedestrian corridor entrance. Studio Arkitecture is designing the new building. 

New food and tenancy site in Kenmore business strip
Photo Credit: DA A006134569/BCC

“The proposal reflects positively on the streetscape by incorporating balconies which address the street, a range of colours and materials, as well as modern, subtropical design elements such as a green wall fronting Moggill Road,”  Plan A Town Planning stated in the development code-assessable application. (DA A006134569

Kenmore business strip
Photo Credit: DA A006134569/BCC

“The proposed extensions represent a significant upgrade to the existing built form and will reflect positively on the surrounding streetscape. The proposal will provide three new Food & Drink Outlet tenancies in a highly accessible location and are designed to promote the location as an active frontage”.

“The proposal will also involve the closure of an undesirable access point to Moggill Road, with new access proposed through the Council carpark to Princeton Street. This will greatly improve safety outcomes for pedestrians and vehicle users on Moggill Road.”