Proposal Up For Naming Rafting Ground Park Footbridge After Ludvik Bass

Plans are underway to name a footbridge at the Rafting Ground Park in Brookfield after Emeritus Professor Ludvik Bass.

Prof Bass lived in Kenmore and then Pullenvale from the 1970s to his passing in 2022. He raised his children to enjoy the park grounds along Pullenvale Rd and he was a familiar presence among the locals as he was also frequently seen walking the family dogs at Rafting Ground Park.

As mentioned in the proposed naming, the professor made daily visits to the park following his retirement in 1984. He forged friendships among the local community and was the “centre of everything at that park” for more than 50 years. 

Prof Bass advocated having a footbridge built on the park grounds to connect two sides of the land and he used this daily until his passing in October 2022. 

There is a community consultation about the naming proposal running until the 3rd of March 2023.

“Professor Bass was instrumental at the time of convincing Brisbane City Council of a need for a bridge between both sides of the park and nobody was happier when it was built,” Cr Adermann wrote.

“The request appropriately is for the footbridge to be named in his honour and has the support of his family. So we’re hoping through this consultation process that it is supported by the community.”

He was a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Queensland and had his postdoc with Erwin Schrödinger in Dublin.

He also collaborated with Denmark biomathematicians and researchers and was part of the Foreign Fellow of the Royal Danish Academy. He authored over 30 research papers which were published until 2018.