Young Kenmore Artist Does it Again! Jensen Dean Sells Painting to The Kid LAROI

This young Kenmore artist has done it again! The works of art of talented 17-year-old Jensen Dean now hang on the walls of the homes of two celebrities, who both love this rising artist’s quirky and colourful creations.

Logan Paul

In February 2022, Jensen was elated to know that his Pokemon painting now hangs at the mansion of his first celebrity client, YouTube vlogger and boxing celebrity Logan Paul. He had no way of connecting to Logan apart from tapping the right “people who knew people” on social media. 

It took some months but he was able to close his deal with the celebrity vlogger. Soon after,  Jensen was closing another deal with a popular star.

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Jensen painted on a skateboard deck for The Kid LAROI and personally delivered the completed piece backstage at the superstar’s recent Brisbane concert. He wanted to meet the Kenmore artist personally. 

The Kid LAROI, also known as Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard, has collaborated with big names like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Post Malone, Juice WRLD, Machine Gun Kelly, and Marshmellow. The Australian rapper, who grew up in Waterloo, New South Wales, has over 45 million Spotify listeners. 

“It was crazy. It felt like something out of a movie with his bodyguards escorting me into the concert,” Jensen said on dealing with the rapper. 

“Laroi is the biggest inspiration for me and he’s the only reason I’m doing my art, as an Australian kid he showed me anything is possible if you have a goal and work hard towards it. 

“He kept on saying how much he loved the skateboard and he asked me questions about how I made it, how long it took to paint, and the best way to get it home”. 

“I painted it on a quality skateboard deck so he can actually skate on it if he wants to,” Jensen said but apparently, the superstar said he will never skate on the painting. He said it will be framed and will go up on the wall of his home in Los Angeles. 

The Kenmore artist is on his way to securing a third major deal with another celebrity. 

“I don’t like to disclose who they are until I have achieved my goal because people don’t believe me, so all I can say right now is that it’s going to be another celebrity as famous as Logan Paul and Kid Laroi.”

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Young Kenmore Artist Sells Pokemon Painting to Popular YouTuber Logan Paul

Young Kenmore artist, Jensen Dean, has sold his very first painting to YouTube celebrity Logan Paul after months of trying to get in touch with “people who knew people” in his network. 

Whilst the details of the sale were not disclosed, Jensen said that he created a Pokemon painting with Logan in mind after he watched the social media star and boxer/wrestler detail the story of how he was swindled $3.5 million for buying fake Pokemon cards. 

The young Kenmore artist said that he personally does not know Logan, who has more than 85 million followers on social media, but he reached out to him by sending direct messages to people who may have links to the celebrity. 

After some months of trying to get his attention, Jensen and Logan were exchanging messages and the celebrity confirmed he wanted the Kenmore local’s painting. Logan told him he plans to hang this in his million-dollar mansion in Puerto Rico.

Aside from being a boxer, wrestler and social media star, Logan is also well-known for his love for anything Pokemon.

Jensen said that closing this deal was a big deal because someone with Logan’s stature could be looking for Pokemon art anywhere but he chose the young Kenmore artist.

The experience has made Jensen decide to pursue art and perhaps venture into filmmaking as well. A year ago, Jensen was not quite serious about his craft until a friend helped him land work painting graffiti art for a band’s practice room wall. He also ventured into making art for children’s nursery rooms.

But his deal with Logan has jumpstarted his social media infamy as his Instagram followers have also grown. The artist is also working on two more paintings for still-unnamed celebrities. 

Jensen said he still has plenty of ideas in his head that has to be translated into works of art. 

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