Kenmore Man Can’t Sleep After His $450K Windfall

It took two days for an extremely lucky man in Kenmore to get a good night’s sleep after receiving confirmation of a life-changing  $450,000 windfall. The unnamed fellow said he simply could not stop thinking about his unexpected stroke of luck.

Once the Saturday draw results came out, he knew that a $451,772.22 bolt of lightning had struck his life, but he nervously waited by the phone for confirmation just the same.

When the man finally got the confirmatory call, he was both relieved and elated, excitedly planning what he was going to do with the money. 

The Kenmore man said he purchased his winning ticket at the official site. 

“I found out after the draw on Saturday night. I was absolutely blown away when I checked my online account,” the local said, admitting that his family had never been well-to-do.

“I can’t believe it! It’s insane. I haven’t slept in two nights. I keep thinking about how much money it is.”

The winning numbers in the Saturday Gold draw were 4, 25, 23, 7, 21, and 9, while the supplementary numbers were 6 and 11.

“When I told my family, many cried, and others cheered. It was awesome!

“I will use the prize to buy myself a small house or a unit and help my family. It’ll be my first house, so it’s a big deal. I’m excited!

“Thank you so much. This is a dream come true!”

There were 11 other Division One winners alongside the Kenmore resident, five in Victoria, four in Queensland, two in New South Wales, and one in Tasmania.

Photo Credit: Elastic Compute Farm/Pixabay

As of 2022, 324 lucky Australians have been Division One winners, collectively getting  $461.69 million in total and 133.5 million winners have taken home more than  $3.93 billion in prize money across the other games from The Lott. Taxes from this initiative are helping fund hospitals, disaster relief operations, education, and health research.