Proposal Up for a New Facility at Kenmore South State School

After funding has been secured, a proposal has been lodged for a new three-storey facility for Kenmore South State School.

Under the Department of Education, the proposed development for the new building, filed under (MID-0123-0666), includes the construction of seven GLA spaces and additional four GLA spaces for a future fit, a new STEM learning space, and amenities like lifts and associated spaces and footpaths for both the students and staff use. 

The plan also includes increasing the size of the carpark along the southeastern side. The existing playground equipment will have to be relocated before the building construction starts. Building refurbishments for Kenmore South State School’s C and D Blocks will also be covered by the project. 

Kenmore South State School
Photo Credit: MID-0123-0666

Per the MID’s Building & Design:

“The proposed development has been carefully designed to ensure the siting of buildings adequately respond to the existing site characteristics. Specifically, it is noted:

  • The new building is within proximity to existing learning buildings to ensure a high level of connectivity with the remainder of the campus.
  • The design encompasses a mix of innovation and cost-effective solutions, which take into consideration the character of the adjacent buildings.
  • Built form, materials and finishes align with the palette of the existing school buildings to provide a complimentary transition from existing to new. Natural cross-ventilation and solar shading have been incorporated into the design, to provide a comfortable and efficient teaching and learning facility.
  • Site constraints have led to locating the new facility to sit neatly between the existing Hall and the oval minimising the number of existing trees which need removal.
  • A landscaped courtyard is proposed between the new building and the existing Hall to provide a green outlook for the Hall and the south facing spaces in the new building.
  • Location of the building has been carefully considered to enable the building to provide compliant connection of all buildings to the entire length of the campus from Kersley Road footpath down to the oval.”

Kenmore South State School, established in 1967, services from Prep to year 6. As the local area has grown, the school-aged population has also increased thus the needed additional facilities to meet the demands of enrolment. 

The school’s current study body is 712 students with a Student Enrolment Capacity (SEC) of 704. If approved, the development will raise the SEC to 896. 

Kenmore locals can have their say on the proposal by making a submission to the Infrastructure Designation team on or before 28 April 2023. 

Published 18-April-2023

Kenmore South State School Joins Active School Travel Program

Kenmore South State School is encouraging the parents of their students, along with their school staff, to limit the use of cars when going to and from school to ease street traffic congestion and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Instead, the school community is encouraged to use their bikes or scooters, walk to school, or take public transportation.

The school has joined the city’s Active School Travel program to promote a clean, green and healthy lifestyle for the students, the staff, and the whole school community.

For the next three years, the program from Brisbane City Council will provide free resources, incentives and tools that will facilitate and motivate active travel.

Kenmore South State School
Photo Credit: KenmoreSouthStateSchool/Facebook

Through the program, children will have access to bike and scooter skills training programs from professional coaches or learn essential skills to carry on for life from bus orientation sessions. Representatives from RACQ Streets Ahead will conduct road safety sessions. 

The Active School Travel program has interclass and interschool competitions as well. Other new participants for 2023 include Inala State School, Murarrie State School, Salisbury State School, Sunnybank Hills State School, Upper Mt Gravatt State School, and St Joseph’s School in Nundah.

Over 168 schools and 127,000 students have taken part in this internationally-recognised initiative following its launch in 2004. For more information on how schools can take part, contact Council via 07 3403 8888.

The Fete Is Back At Kenmore South State School!

Heads up, Kenmore! Following a five-year hiatus, the Fete is back at Kenmore South State School and it’s bigger than ever. If you’re planning to go, here are some activities/events to look forward to.

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Entertainment for All Ages

Photo credit: Kenmore South State School Fete/Facebook

Lots of fun awaits guests at the Fete, because there will be carnival rides, side show alley, a Lego competition, and the student-run Roots and Shoots group for the environment. 

There will be live performances from the school’s talented musical groups, plus showcases from local sporting and dancing clubs. Think cheerleaders, Irish dancers, Rhee Tae Kwon-Do and some tiny tots for that extra hit of cuteness.  

The headline act of the day will be the Octofunk band, playing at 2:00 p.m. and rocking those the Funk/Groove/Blues covers that have earned them a loyal local following.  The bar will also be open at 2:00 p.m. — great news for those who need liquid courage to hit the (grassy) dance floor!

Fete Stalls

Photo credit: Kenmore South State School Fete/Facebook

All the classic, well-loved fete stalls will also return this year. There will be a cake stall, a Secondhand Book Stall, Pre-loved Goods stalls and more, courtesy of volunteer families.


Photo credit: Kenmore South State School Fete/Facebook

Get a chance to win a family holiday, which will be the main prize, in addition to over $10,000 worth of raffle prizes up for grabs. 

About The KSSS Fete

For this year’s event, the P&C wanted Fete to become a great day for the local community, whilst also raising funds for the School’s Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics resources.

Peter Brady, the school’s P&C President, said they want to continue to equip their students with the best possible tools to ensure their success.

“Our school community is working very hard preparing for our Fete, which is the first one held in five years.  After a tumultuous past couple of years, we hope our school celebration is really more of a community celebration where we can create a place for all locals to feel a sense of fun and connection with neighbours”, said Georgina Allardice, Acting Principal.  

Photo supplied

Tilly Cole, Fete Coordinator is also upbeat and excited, “It promises to be a very fun day out for everyone in the family and we can’t wait to welcome the Western Suburbs community to our School”.

“A huge shout-out to our key sponsors who have already jumped on board to support us including 4069 Real Estate who is putting a huge effort into getting us prepared for the day” said Tilly.

There are still sponsorship opportunities available for local businesses as well as the chance to attend the Fete to promote your business.  For all sponsorship enquiries or more details about the upcoming Fete, please contact Tilly Cole, Fete Coordinator, at

Save the Date!

WhatKenmore South State School Fete 2022
WhereKSSS oval
WhenSaturday, 20 August 2022, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Follow the Fete on Facebook @KSSSFETE for all the updates.

Kenmore South State School Excels at Robotics Competition

Kenmore South State School is now in a celebratory mood after two teams from the school won in the recently held Robocup Rescue Competitions at the University of Queensland on 10-11 August 2019.

Hamish Frew and Rain Haase finished first in Brisbane Regional Competition with their robot Krusty Krab while the KSSS team beat more than 30 teams at the Robocup Junior State Competition with their Silicon Slay3r. The KSSS Year 4 team consists of Liam Kunde, Hamish McNutt, Sam Yang, and Ryan Place. 

At the Robocup Rescue Competitions, participants had to build and code Lego EV3 robots to rescue a victim from a deadly chemical spill. The twist is that they have to finish building and coding in two minutes. 

Ryan believed there were two Ts that helped them succeed. As the student pointed out, “Testing” and “Teamwork” were both essential in their victory. He said one of the keys to their accomplishment was the piece of resistance, which was a curved piece of LEGO on the front of the robot that helped it go up slopes. 

About RoboCup Junior Queensland

RoboCup Junior is open to students studying at a Primary School or Secondary School (or equivalent e.g. home schooled). The group encourages students to think creatively to develop solutions, mostly as members of a team of 2 or more, to the RoboCup Junior Challenges in OnStage (previously known as Dance), Rescue, and Soccer. 

The next Robocup Competitions for Queensland will be held on October 11-13 2019.

Kenmore South State School Parents Outraged Over Possible BYOD Program Rollout Next Year, Plans to Boycott Underway

Parents of Kenmore South State School are outraged over the rollout of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, which will start next year. When this project rolls out, parents will have to pay $1000 per child to be on the program.

Photo credit:

Their Concerns

The main concern of the parents is how prolonged use of technology can affect their children. They also said that they weren’t properly consulted about this. In fact, an online petition was made, which garnered 125 signatures.

The online petition details the parents’ take on the BYOD program. It details how everything seems rushed and introducing such a significant change in the teaching process can affect children’s learning adaptabilities. They also said that the staff at KSSS haven’t discussed the educational benefit of the use of BYOD.

Also according to the parents, the school hasn’t provided enough details regarding the program such as what happens to the parents who choose not to participate in the program. They also worry about the health effects of excessive screen time to their children.


Not Against The Use of Technology

KSSS parents made it clear though that they are not against the use of technology for learning but what they are against is the excessive use of it especially for younger ones. They are seeking proper consultation from the executives of the schools.


KSSS Keeps Mum

However, a recent update on the petition said that the KSSS hasn’t responded to their concerns and is proceeding with the BYOD program. There has also been requests from the person who started the petition online for parents to boycott the program.

They school says that they held consultations with parents regarding the BYOD program, on the 25th of July.

Photo credit: Elanora State High School

Not A First In the West

This isn’t the first school that has gained negative feedback in the West. Rainworth State School in Bardon also experienced adverse feedback and some resistance over the rollout of a similar program to its students from Year 4 and up. Executives of RSS engaged a consultant to work with parents after complaints.

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Kenmore South State School Celebrates 50 Years

On 5 August, be ready to celebrate an exciting festival at Kenmore South State School. The fete, aptly called “Celebrate,” will be held at the school grounds from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to celebrate the school’s 50th birthday.

Photo credit: Kenmore South State School Fete / Facebook

Of course, it will not be a festival without fun rides such as the Sizzler, Giant Chairs, Super Slide and Rock Wall. You can now get your ride pass on Munch Monitor, here’s how.

There will be stalls of great food as well. Stalls will have an eclectic line-up of delicious goodies such as sushi, Mexican, BBQ, and other International treats that you don’t want to miss.

Aside from food stalls, there will be other stalls selling second hand books, kids clothes, toys, plants and many more interesting tidbits that will make you want to walk around and explore.

Live musical entertainment featuring David Kidd and other artists will keep the excitement meter up.

What makes this FETE even more special is that there’s going to be a bar. Happy hour is actually happening over a two-hour stretch, from 3:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Make sure that your schedule is free this Saturday because all roads in Kenmore lead to KSSS!