Kenmore’s Local Community Fights to Rejuvenate Little Gubberly Creek

A local community project in Kenmore is fighting to rehabilitate the upper part of Little Gubberly Creek and transform it into a wildlife corridor and an outdoor learning area. The Kenmore South Creek Care may be new to the local community, but over the months, they have set things in motion as they gather support from more people to help their cause.

The said creek has been forgotten; weeds have grown along with vines, concealing its natural beauty underneath the plants. Situated just below the school oval, the area has become completely inaccessible, yet the local community group sees its potential.

Photo credit: Kenmore South Creek Care / Facebook

In their efforts to make the creek alive again, they have formed a Bush Care group that can work under the guidance of Habitat Brisbane and the local Cubberla Witton Catchment Network.

Photo credit: Kenmore South Creek Care / Facebook

Brisbane City Council’s Habitat Brisbane helps local community groups bring back life to natural habitats as part of the council’s Community Conservation Partnerships Program. The groups under the program also aim to protect, monitor, and increase native flora and fauna populations. If you wish to join a Habitat group, you can find more information here.

The Cubberla Witton Catchment Network (CWCN) is a volunteer organisation that focuses on the re-establishment and maintenance of ecologically healthy catchments. The network nurtures close relationships with a ride range of local, state, and Commonwealth agencies and community organisations and the Kenmore South Creek Care is proud to be working closely with them.

Just last month, a small group of students from the school has started helping through the Jane Goodall’s ‘Roots and Shoots’ program by spreading the word about their local community’s creek project. The students also collected a sample of weeds from the creek.

Habitat Brisbane will do a formal assessment of the creek. You can visit the local community’s Facebook page for their latest updates on the rehabilitation project.