Inner West Suburbs Such as Kenmore Warned Against Break-ins

The Inner West Patrol Group has issued an advisory to residents and businesses in Inner West suburbs, including Kenmore, regarding a recent spate of break-ins in these locations.

Patrols in the said areas have been intensified and residents were advised to be on-guard and secure their home, storage areas, vehicles, and other valuables.

The latest report from the QPS website says that thieves have targeted a number of residences and businesses in the following areas:

Residential Dwellings
  • Moggill: Rise Place
  • Indooroopilly: Glencairn Avenue, Finney Road, Aragon Street, Almeida Street
  • Kenmore: Akuna Street, Rialanna Street
  • Toowong: Brisbane Street
  • Bardon: Rainworth Road
  • Auchenflower: Payne Street
  • St Lucia: Highland Terrace
  • Chapel Hill: Nankoor Street
  • Taringa: 2 x Moggill Road
Photo Credit: S_Salow / Pixabay

The break-ins were said to have happened between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., stealing items like laptops, wallets, handbags, jewellery, cash, and even vehicles. The burglars’ means of entry included entering or climbing through unlocked/open doors, windows and garages, and forcing or smashing doors and windows, with some able to break-in whilst residents were inside their home.

Some of the measures suggested in the report were:

  • Install reliable security screen doors on main external entrances.
  • Remember to key-lock your security doors and remove the key from the lock.
  • Fit deadlocks on all external doors.
  • Ensure unprotected/non-screened windows are secured/locked, when a residence is unoccupied.
  • Secure/remove any item/s that can be utilised to climb up and into a residence.
  • When moving into your home or apartment, install new locks on entrance doors.
  • Never leave notes that indicate your absence.
  • Always take your door key with you, do not hide it, and never put your name and address on your key ring.
  • Get to know your neighbours.
  • Observe and report suspicious activity.
  • Keep foliage trimmed back around your property so others can view suspicious activity.
  • Keep vehicle keys secure.
  • Don’t leave garage doors open or unlocked.
  • Don’t prop or leave open communal doors to garages.
  • Install quality security alarm system (preferably with ‘Back to Base’ capabilities)
  • Install Close Circuit TV cameras (CCTV)
  • Install quality security safe (ensuring it is effectively secured to a solid structure)

A ‘Free Home Security Audit Service’ can also be provided by officers from the Inner West Crime Prevention to help ensure that your home or business is well secured.

You may contact 3377 9421 (Indooroopilly Crime Prevention Unit), 3872 1542 (Ferny Grove Crime Prevention Unit), or e-mail