Kenmore West Kindy Held Art Show for World Sepsis Day and Mia Wilkinson

Kenmore West Kindy held an art show to raise awareness for World Sepsis Day, which was observed on 13 September. It was also an opportunity to gather funds for Mia Wilkinson, a former student, who has ongoing medical needs after losing her limbs due to the illness.

An art gallery was set up a the kindy’s front deck where families nominated a price for the work of their kids. The school also conducted a paint ‘n sip class for the adults. All profits of the sales will go to the Mia Wilkinson Trust and the not-for-profit C&K community kindergarten. 

Photo Credit: Supplied
Sepsis Mia Wilkinson
Photo Credit: Supplied
Sepsis Mia Wilkinson
Photo Credit: Supplied

Mia, Sepsis Survivor

Mia, who now attends an Indooroopilly primary school, lost her arms and legs to sepsis in 2017. Since her challenging journey of recovery, she and her family have been raising awareness about this critical illness.

As a fearless sepsis survivor, Mia hasn’t let her experience stop her from enjoying life to the fullest despite becoming a quadruple amputee. Nearly five years after her critical hospitalisation, Mia is growing up as a healthy and active child who enjoys sports activities and has started learning how to play the trombone. 

Largest Sepsis Study in Aus

Between 2019 and 2020, over 2,000 individuals in Queensland have been maimed or died due to sepsis, a life-threatening infection. This is one of the most common reasons for emergency visits, especially among children, and the Queensland Children’s Hospital has been conducting the country’s largest paediatric sepsis study to find better ways to help the victims. 

The research, led by Associate Professor Luregn Schlapbach, hopes to find a faster way to diagnose the condition to deliver the best treatments and prevent the body’s organs from shutting down as the infection can spread in a matter of hours. 

Mr Schlapbach is looking into the genetics of the body that activates the development of sepsis. A gene expression will help the experts understand the infection better, which could aid in the development of better blood tests.

Unknown to most people, sepsis might start off as typical flu or gastro issue, as in Mia’s case, but it could quickly descend into a deadly condition. If caught early, sepsis is a completely treatable condition thus the results of the sepsis study at the Queensland Children’s Hospital will be very important to the world.

New Schools Planned Between Kenmore and Indooroopilly, Other SEQ Sites

A special school and three new primary schools are set to be built and completed in 2022-2023 in Queensland’s southeast region, including one that will stand between Kenmore and Indooroopilly in the western suburbs.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced the plans in the Parliament Tuesday, adding that the projects will have an allocated budget of $245 million. 

Ms Palaszczuk has identified the location of the special school in Coomera. The new site should ease off the overwhelming number of children in existing special needs schools in Logan (Beenleigh Special School) and Southport (Southport Special School). 

The new primary schools, on the other hand, have been planned for Greenbank in North Maclean near Logan, the south of Caloundra, and a yet to be determined suburb in Brisbane.

Photo Credit: Grace Grace MP/Facebook
Photo Credit: Grace Grace MP/Facebook

“A new primary school will also be built at a location to be identified in Brisbane’s inner west,” the Premier said. This school, which will have a $65 million budget, is expected to reduce overcrowding at schools in Indooroopilly, Toowong, Kenmore and St. Lucia. 

Education Minister Grace Grace said that there will be an “extensive community consultation process” to determine which Brisbane inner west community will best benefit from having a new school. Preparing Queensland’s education infrastructure will also provide employment opportunities. 

“We are focused on getting people back to work as we unite and recover from the global COVID-19 pandemic, with these projects expected to support more than 870 local jobs,” Ms Grace said. “These projects are building on our record investment in building new schools and expanding existing schools in high growth areas.”

MP for Moggill Dr Christian Rowan welcomed the news with much excitement, having campaigned for a new school in Brisbane’s inner west for years. 

“Our schools have been so severely overcrowded that classrooms are full, pool and library time is limited, before and after-school care services have long waitlists and demountable classrooms are being erected on school ovals, encroaching on students’ play area,” he said. “I’m so excited they’ve listened to the community.”