Kenmore: Among Home Renovation Hotspots in Brisbane

Home renovation activity in Brisbane suburbs such as Kenmore is on the upswing and it’s a sign of the growing appeal of Brisbane properties, a property valuation website reports.

Annerley, Greenslopes and Holland Park, Tarragindi, Stafford Heights, Paddington, Chapel Hill, and Kenmore are currently experiencing an uptick in renovation activity, as cited in the Herron Todd White Month in Review report for October.

“One of the excellent litmus tests of our growing appeal must be the amount of building activity underway in our suburbs. Spotting those locations where construction is at its most feverish helps give appreciation for where prices might be set to rise.”

“If you live in one of our more established neighbourhoods, these sounds of progress really should be seen as a good thing. It means the neighbours are stepping up and raising the bar,” the report said.

Older areas in Chapel Hill and Kenmore have post-war timber homes as well as 80s and 90s homes in other sections. Homeowner and investors are now looking to upgrade these homes.

Annerley has plenty of local retail sitting just five kilometres south of the CBD. There are older detached homes, with original construction mostly by weatherboard builds from the first half of the 1900s, already due for renovation.

Tarragindi offers excellent schooling options such as Wellers Hill State and Saint Elizabeth’s that are attracting new families into this suburb. This has become more evident with the number of new constructions and renovation activity in this area.

Stafford Heights also has plenty of post-war timber homes ripe for renovation. Increased interest from those looking to buy in and take advantage of a decent-sized block is seen. Paddington, on the other hand, also has works that are underway which home buyers with more money to spend may find very appealing.

“In general, we believe Brisbane can expect to see more of this sort of activity. We have options aplenty and our appeal is growing,” the report concluded.