Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers Welcomes Pizza Capers Co-Founder Anthony Russo As Investor and Mentor

Anthony Russo’s name became synonymous with success after transforming Pizza Capers from a single pizzeria in Kenmore in the ‘90s to an empire with over a hundred outlets across the nation. Now, he will apply his expertise to help Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers scale their business beyond their existing five locations.

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Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers has announced the appointment of Russo as an investor and mentor.  With his extensive experience in building a nationally-recognised brand, Russo is set to guide the gnoccheria chain towards achieving its expansion goals.

In 1996, Russo, alongside co-founder Scott Geiszler, made waves in the culinary world by establishing Pizza Capers. Their entrepreneurial spirit led them to explore franchising opportunities in 2005, resulting in remarkable success. 

Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers
Left to right: Ben Cleary-Corradini, Theo Roduner, and Anthony Russo (Photo credit: Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers/Facebook)

By the end of the 2011 financial year, Pizza Capers boasted an impressive revenue figure of approximately $50.6 million. Recognising the value they had built, Russo and Geiszler made a strategic decision in 2012, selling the thriving business to Retail Food Group for a reported $30 million.

Although the financial details of Russo’s investment remain undisclosed, his involvement is expected to accelerate the brand’s growth plans. The company aims to open 15 new stores within the next three years, marking a significant milestone for the brand. 

Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers’ ambition doesn’t stop there, as they envision reaching at least 20 locations within five years, with a long-term goal of expanding to 100 stores worldwide.

Photo credit: Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers, Newtown/Google Maps

Established in 2015 by gnocchi enthusiasts Ben Cleary-Corradini and Theo Roduner, the gnoccheria chain has gained recognition for its delectable traditional beef bolognese, Sicilian Ricotta Cannolo (their take on cannoli), and the mouthwatering Wild Mushroom and Truffle Sauce Gnocchi.

Photo credit: Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers, Paddington/Google Maps

One of the territories on their radar is Toowoomba, signalling their commitment to branching out beyond their Brisbane roots. They have also entered the Sydney market in 2021, with a location in Newtown. 

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With the addition of Anthony Russo and his expertise, the Italian brand enters an exciting chapter, promising a bright future for this renowned Italian food sensation. Guided by a renowned industry expert, the company is primed to achieve remarkable growth, attracting and satisfying a larger customer base with their authentic gnocchi creations.

Published 23-May-2023