Survey Launched to Decide Which Uniform Policy to Adopt at Kenmore State High School

A survey has been launched by a small group of parents to determine which uniform option Kenmore State High School students and parents prefer to be adopted as the current policy at KSHS, despite the P&C’s expression of support to the Principal and the current uniform policies.

Under the controversial survey, the students and parents will choose whether to support the current policy or change the policy to “uniform choice”, which will allow all families to choose from either the formal or sports uniform, to be worn everyday.

Education Queensland requires that all changes to uniform should have prior approval by a majority of parents and students. To help in the uniform policy review, a survey has been launched to have those against and those that are for the new policy to have their say about the uniform policy.

The current uniform policy at Kenmore State High School requires Years 7 to 12 students to wear the formal or day uniform daily. Sports uniform should be worn only on  days when they have curriculum based sport, PE, or dance.

Beginning 2020, however, this policy shall apply to all students, which have divided the school community. Some raised complaints citing lack of consultation from last years forums and approval process.

Some issues the families have with the uniforms are that they are of low quality and do not conform with Education Queensland Sun Safety guidelines.