Dead & Injured Swallows Found In Underground Carpark In Kenmore, RSPCA to Investigate

Kenmore residents woke up to dead swallows in an underground car park at a medical centre on 3 April.

The Verdict

It was discovered later on that glue was applied to the overhead pipes. There were nearly 60 birds affected.

A Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) officer spent the entire morning rescuing birds. He said that there were some who were still alive and could be seen hopping around the area, unable to fly.

According to the RSPCA officer, an animal cruelty investigation is being heavily considered following the discovery of the glue application on the pipes.

The swallows were brought to the RSPCA’s animal hospital and about 20 birds have been euthanised, whilst other birds are still receiving treatments.

Why Are They In A Carpark

Swallows are known to be attracted to open-fronted buildings. In Australia, the most widespread swallow is called the Welcome Swallow and can be seen swooping and fluttering between city buildings, grasslands, and forests.

In the last year alone, RSPCA has received 18,322 animal cruelty complaints and neglect calls whilst their Animal Ambulance received 27,517 Animal Rescue calls.