Brookfield State School Choir Topped Choral Fanfare 2023

Did you know that the Brookfield State School choir bested over 200 choirs from all over the state at the Choral Fanfare 2023?

Choral Fanfare, a biennial program that commenced in 2001, offers students a unique platform to gain valuable performance experience, hone their teamwork skills, and receive well-deserved recognition.

This year’s competition witnessed almost 10,000 students from 213 choirs, representing 137 state schools, participating in regional festivals held across Queensland.

Out of this massive pool of talent, only ten choirs were selected for the state final, and Brookfield State School’s choir emerged as the undisputed champions at the final concerts held at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University on Tuesday, 22 Aug 2023.

Brookfield State School Choir
Photo Credit: Brookfield State School/Facebook

Consisting of exceptionally talented students, the Brookfield State School choir performed under the baton of their dedicated conductor Mrs. McMillan, with the support and guidance of the school’s choral coordinator Tamsin Eades.

The selection of the choir for the top honour is reflective of Brookfield State School’s robust choral program, which spans Year 1 to Year 6. The comprehensive program allows students to participate in junior, intermediate, and senior choirs, providing them with numerous performance opportunities both within the school community and beyond its gates.

When the choir became one of the finalists, Principal Leanne Duncan expressed her pride and confidence in her students and their conductor.

“Our senior choir students and their parents are incredibly humbled and incredibly excited by the news that we are state finalists. It is a testament to the quality, support, and passion for music our conductor has,” she said.

This recognition is not only a celebration of Brookfield State School’s outstanding achievement but also a testament to the power of music education in fostering excellence and teamwork among students.

Choral Fanfare continues to be a prestigious event in the Queensland educational calendar, providing students with a platform to nurture their musical talents, receive constructive feedback from professional adjudicators, and witness the performances of other choirs.

Published 3-Sept-2023