Brookfield Old Friary in Kenmore Hills Seeks Expression of Interest

The heritage-listed Old Friary in Kenmore Hills is on the market, but some concerned locals are pleading for the Anglicans of the Diocese to reconsider the sale.

The Anglican Church first investigated the possibility of selling when it launched an Expression of Interest campaign for the property at 139 Brookfield Road in October 2018. According to the sale listing, the owner will consider sale, partial sale, joint venture or lease of the 2.64-hectare site.

Old Friary Kenmore Hills
Old Friary site seeking Expression of Interest. (Photo credit:

On the site are two houses, a chapel and a community facility used for events. The listing also states potential options for the site, including an aged care, retirement, place of worship, childcare and community residential. It is situated in close proximity to Kenmore Village Shopping Centre and various cafes, restaurants, schools and medical facilities.

Local Opposition

Some locals are not happy that the Anglican Church is selling the Old Friary as they are concerned that future developments would endanger the heritage listing.

Since the launch of the Expression of Interest, some residents have expressed opposition to the possible sale or lease of the property. They have started a petition on to urge the Anglican Church to retain the Old Friary.

The petitioners said that the site’s buildings, community resources, green spaces, peace and tranquillity should be protected from development. They are primarily concerned that if the potential developer levelled all or part of the site for development, it would be a great loss to the community.

Concerned locals also pointed out that if the property is sold, the church should ensure that it is offered to a buyer who would look to improve and cherish the character of the place. They are united in the hope that the Old Friary will continue to be a community-focused site for generations to come.

Properly named ‘Brookfield Centre for Christian Spirituality, the Old Friary open to the public during daytime as long as there are no booked events. The public can freely visit the grounds to enjoy the peace and tranquillity or spend some quiet time in the chapel.

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