Absence of Bike Lanes Between Pullenvale & Bellbowrie Plus Cyclists Plight Prompts Plea for Improvements

Photo credit: Chris Cox / Facebook

Chris Cox of Space4Cycling Brisbane and Brisbane West Bicycle Users Group has long been actively campaigning for additional bike lanes for various parts here in the west. Just recently, he again pointed out the absence of bike lanes and paths between Bellbowrie and Pullenvale following an incident that happened to a cyclist in Anstead.

The cyclist had a close call with a prime mover due to the lack of a shared path for bike riders and pedestrians in Anstead. Mr Cox, on the other hand, said he had a similar experience as he frequents Jindalee and Moggill as part of his commutes. He said that the road is very dangerous for cyclists because it’s a steep climb, plus there is no road shoulder. It’s just all about hearing vehicles behind you and praying that they notice you.

In light of this, Mr Cox asks for a shared path for cyclists and pedestrians along Mt Crosby Road between Kangaroo Gully Rd and Boyle Rd as he thinks that this is the easiest and quickest solution for now.

Around 1m / 1.5m is the required distance between a cyclist and a vehicle on the road. In April 2016, the Department of Transport and Main Roads revealed that there have been 140 infringements issued in Queensland for failing to meet this distance.

For narrow roads and bridges, they advise all motorists to always use common sense and be obedient on road rules.