Kenmore Village Encourages Everyone to be Extra Kind on Strive To Be Kind Day

The death of Allison Baden-Clay has shone more light on domestic violence and has helped to empower thousands of people to help fight it. More like a wake-up call that domestic violence is very rampant nowadays, a foundation was built in honour of Mrs Clay.


Be a Ball of Sunshine

Photo credit: Strive to Be Kind / Facebook

On 28 July, the Kenmore Village Shopping Centre is taking part to help the foundation. The shopping centre will celebrate Strive to Be Kind Day of the Allison Baden-Clay Foundation and they are encouraging everyone to wear bright yellow. The stores will also “turn yellow” for that day. Everybody is encouraged to make a donation to help rebuild the lives of victims of crime.


Allison’s Story

Photo credit: Allison Baden-Clay Foundation

Allison was close to perfect — she was smart and beautiful. She was Miss Brisbane in 1993. She caught the eye of Gerard Baden-Clay, the great grandson of Scouts founder Lord Baden-Powell. Smitten by him, they got married and had three kids. Everything looked perfect until her death, where the secrets started unraveling. It turned out that her seemingly perfect life was just a facade.

Apparently, her husband was violent and abusive. Allison tried so hard to fix her marriage but failed. On 20 April 2012, Allison went missing and the police came to their home in Brookfield. Gerard spoke to the police with scratches on his cheeks, which he said to be shaving cuts. The search for Allison continued and it was one of the biggest missing person searches Brisbane had.

During the search, the support was overflowing. The community was helping. Ten days later, Allison’s body was found under the Kholo Creek Bridge at Anstead. And everything just came crashing down. Gerard was charged and his affairs and a million-dollar insurance benefit were unearthed. In July 2014, Gerard was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing his wife.


The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation

Photo credit: The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation / Facebook

The foundation hopes that this story will help reach others who need help. Most of the domestic violence victims remain quiet, terrified of their abuser. This foundation aims to put a stop to that.

Strive to Be Kind Day started in 2012. This day makes the whole community come together and show a little more kindness. The concept has gained enormous support from businesses and shopping centers including Kenmore Village. Schools also show support as well as the Ipswich City Council.

The funds that they will raise through this event will help them fund their programs that educate and empower people in people, schools, community, and workplaces about respectful relationships, how to recognise and deal with unhealthy relationships and understanding domestic violence in all its forms.

Brighten up someone’s day on the 28th of July. It will go a long way.