Road Resurfacing Project Announced for Kenmore, Kenmore Hills

Road resurfacing
Photo credit: Google Street View

Kenmore residents can anticipate smoother journeys ahead as plans have been announced for significant road resurfacing projects in the area.

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Several key streets in Kenmore have been identified for improvements aimed at enhancing local infrastructure and ensuring road safety.

  • Dumbarton Drive
  • Kersley Road
  • Kilkivan Avenue
  • Tarbet Street

These projects are part of a broader initiative to address community needs and improve the overall quality of suburban roads.

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Road resurfacing
Dumbarton Drive (Photo credit: Google Street View)

Following the allocation for these improvements in the 2024/25 Budget, provisions have also been made for the continuation of the Kenmore Road corridor safety improvements project. 

In addition to Kenmore, neighbouring Kenmore Hills will also see significant road resurfacing efforts, which will be at Beilby Road and Creekside Street.

Photo credit: Google Street View 

Recognising the potential for noise and inconvenience during construction, BCC remains dedicated to minimising disruptions through strategic scheduling and clear communication with residents. 

To achieve optimal results and minimise disruptions, temporary road closures will be implemented, along with requests for vehicle removal during working hours. This approach not only ensures the highest quality of resurfacing but also reduces inconvenience for local residents. Some works may occur during night hours or weekends to accommodate high traffic volumes on major roads.

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Regular updates will be provided to ensure transparency and address any concerns that may arise throughout the duration of the projects. Residents are encouraged to stay informed and engaged as these vital infrastructure enhancements unfold in the coming months.

For more details on the scheduled road resurfacing projects in Kenmore and Kenmore Hills, residents are encouraged to visit the Brisbane City Council website.

Published 25-June-2024