Pullenvale Takes Highest Number of Workers From Home in Brisbane

Photo credit: Virtually Nomadic

Oh, the joys of working from home! No wonder an increasing number of Australians choose to work from home. They don’t need to travel to their work and sit in traffic during peak hours, plus they also get to work in their pjs! In Brisbane, Pullenvale is the suburb with the highest percentage of residents who work from home.

Recent census data reveals that most workers-from-homes are 60% women. In Pullenvale, 10.8% of the labour force are workers-from-home; that’s majority in the city. It has also been* observed that the type of job that allows people to work from home are the ones that are highly skilled or highly creative.

Most of these workers from home are bookkeepers, office managers, secretaries, graphic and web designers, advertising and creative professionals, private tutors and teachers, journalists and writers.

Still, with this “gradually” growing number of Australians who work from home, there is still a much larger percentage of Australians who don’t. Some perceive working from home could disrupt their workflow and restrict them from fully collaborating with other professionals to develop ideas and solutions, hence most Australians still choose to take a normal working life.

For now, working from home is more viable for workers who have the skills and workplace to still deliver their work conveniently from the comforts of their own home.