Proposal Up for a New Facility at Kenmore South State School

Kenmore South State School

After funding has been secured, a proposal has been lodged for a new three-storey facility for Kenmore South State School.

Under the Department of Education, the proposed development for the new building, filed under (MID-0123-0666), includes the construction of seven GLA spaces and additional four GLA spaces for a future fit, a new STEM learning space, and amenities like lifts and associated spaces and footpaths for both the students and staff use. 

The plan also includes increasing the size of the carpark along the southeastern side. The existing playground equipment will have to be relocated before the building construction starts. Building refurbishments for Kenmore South State School’s C and D Blocks will also be covered by the project. 

Kenmore South State School
Photo Credit: MID-0123-0666

Per the MID’s Building & Design:

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“The proposed development has been carefully designed to ensure the siting of buildings adequately respond to the existing site characteristics. Specifically, it is noted:

  • The new building is within proximity to existing learning buildings to ensure a high level of connectivity with the remainder of the campus.
  • The design encompasses a mix of innovation and cost-effective solutions, which take into consideration the character of the adjacent buildings.
  • Built form, materials and finishes align with the palette of the existing school buildings to provide a complimentary transition from existing to new. Natural cross-ventilation and solar shading have been incorporated into the design, to provide a comfortable and efficient teaching and learning facility.
  • Site constraints have led to locating the new facility to sit neatly between the existing Hall and the oval minimising the number of existing trees which need removal.
  • A landscaped courtyard is proposed between the new building and the existing Hall to provide a green outlook for the Hall and the south facing spaces in the new building.
  • Location of the building has been carefully considered to enable the building to provide compliant connection of all buildings to the entire length of the campus from Kersley Road footpath down to the oval.”

Kenmore South State School, established in 1967, services from Prep to year 6. As the local area has grown, the school-aged population has also increased thus the needed additional facilities to meet the demands of enrolment. 

The school’s current study body is 712 students with a Student Enrolment Capacity (SEC) of 704. If approved, the development will raise the SEC to 896. 

Kenmore locals can have their say on the proposal by making a submission to the Infrastructure Designation team on or before 28 April 2023. 

Published 18-April-2023