Pizzeria Violetta in Kenmore Serves Authentic DOC Napoli Pizza

If you’re looking for authentic, D.O.C. Napoli-style pizza in Kenmore, one restaurant name always seems to come up. Pizzeria Violetta on Wongabel Street is proud of its reputation as a D.O.C. Napoli pizza establishment, and it has made efforts to maintain this reputation over the years.

The first thing you’ll notice when you step inside Pizzeria Violetta is this big, white tiled oven marked with the words “D.O.C. Napoli” on the front. The restaurant has an open kitchen so diners may actually watch how their orders are prepared.

Now, this custom-built wood-fired oven is what makes every pizza order taste just like the ones served in Naples, Italy.  

D.O.C. means “Denominazione di Origine Controllata” and it’s the highest standard for defining the authenticity of Italian food or wine. A D.O.C. Napoli seal of approval means that the pizza prepared in this restaurant passed the strictest Neopolitan standard.

Photo Credit: Pizzeria Violetta/Facebook

With this wood-fired oven, Pizzeria Violetta can ensure that the temperature stays at 204°C (400°F) to allow for the pizza to cook in 90 seconds. However, it’s not just the specially-designed oven that brings authenticity to the dishes as Pizzeria Violetta also makes use of the best ingredients imported from Italy.

Photo Credit: Pizzeria Violetta/Facebook
Photo Credit: Pizzeria Violetta/Facebook

Pizzeria Violetta’s menu consists of mostly pizza, but the restaurant also offers sides and salads, coffee, cocktails, and wine. Guests may also request to make their pizza gluten-free.

“The food here is excellent.  Pizzeria Violetta is on a quiet street tuck out of the way so there no rush. Excellent!”

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~ Stephen C Grimmett, via Google Reviews

“Best pizza in Brisbane, hands down and our regular go-to place! My american partner says it’s the best pizza he’s had anywhere in Australia in 9 years.”

~  Trish Braithwaite, via Facebook 

“This pizza place is one of our favourites. Great pizza…..all Italian staff and wonderful ingredients. Definitely compares to most of the pizzas we’ve had in Italy. Great little place with indoor and outdoor seating. Pizza done the original Italian way. Absolutely recommend this place.”

~ Ausoman, via Trip Advisor

Pizzeria Violetta is open Monday to Sunday at 5:00 p.m. until late night. Advanced reservations are encouraged except for Friday and Saturday.