Parking Guide Around Kenmore, Other Brisbane School Zones

Parking Kenmore
Photo credit: State of Queensland (Queensland Police Service) 2019 /

Sixty schools, including Kenmore South State School, were identified by the Council as areas of attention at the start of Term Three, in its bid to curb illegal parking around schools. So how does one who regularly drop off and pick up a child from school keep a traffic inspector at bay?

Last semester alone, about 1,200 fines and warnings were issued for instances of dangerous and illegal parking in school zones. For Term 3, 60 schools have been put on the Council’s radar, including nominated schools and illegal parking hotspots, as it resumes its campaign against illegal parking around schools.

During specific times, speed limit and drop-off, pick-up, and parking rules are in effect at school zones to minimise traffic congestion and keep parents, carers, and children safe. 

Some common signs that one can see around Brisbane schools:

  • No Parking – a designated area where drivers are not allowed to stop, unless when dropping off or picking up passengers or goods and does not move further than 3 metres from the vehicle; or drops off or picks up passengers or goods and drives on within two minutes unless a different time limit is shown.

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  • No Stopping – A driver must not stop where a no stopping sign or yellow no stopping line applies.

  • School Zone – at most Qld schools, a 40km/hr speed limits applies during 7am-9am and 2pm-4pm.

  • Passenger Loading Zones – The two-minute passenger zone allows you to stop while you drop off or pick up the child within a two-minute time frame. Even if you remain in the car, you can still be fined if you exceed the two-minute allowance.

Passenger Loading Zones

  • Pedestrian crossing – Most pedestrian crossings have supervisors who stop vehicles so children and parents can cross. 

You need to stop and wait for further directions from the pedestrian crossing supervisor. If the pedestrian crossing is not supervised, you need to make sure that car from both directions have stopped and can see you before you start to cross. 

Also, you need to slow down, stop and give way once a pedestrian steps on the marked crossing.

The Council Parking Guide suggests the following when in a passenger loading zone: 


  • Use the zone like a quick moving taxi rank. 
  • Move to the head of the queue or move forward as space becomes available. 
  • Teach children to move promptly to the vehicle. 
  • Load and unload passengers at the front of the line. 
  • Stay in the car if you are the driver, unless loading or unloading baggage or passengers. 


  • Park for more than two minutes – you can be fined for this. 
  • Call children to the back of the queue or across the road. 
  • Reverse into the zone as this puts children in danger. 
  • Leave the vehicle, except to load or unload. Queue through pedestrian crossings or in no stopping zones.

For more information about traffic and parking fines, visit the Brisbane City Council site here.