No Kerbside Collection for Two Years? Try Upcycling Those Unwanted Items!

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Attention: Kenmore, Kenmore Hills, Brookfield, and Pullenvale folks! Brisbane City Council has suspended the annual kerbside collection for two years. Wondering what to do with your large household items that have been earmarked for the kerbside pile? Take a good look at what you can upcycle!

BCC’s announcement has been met with mixed feelings as residents come to terms with another aspect of the “new normal.” For some people, however, the news has sparked a fresh wave of creativity, especially since most simply just have a lot of time on their hand.

Take a look at these upcycling ideas that could give those “unwanted” household items a new lease on life.

Washing Machine Drum… Table!

Here’s an ingenious way to use that stainless drum from your unrepairable washing machine and turn it into a piece of furniture that’s sure to spark many lively conversations at your next (socially distanced) dinner party.

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Art studio L’Atelier d’Orel took the spinning drum from an unrepairable washing machine and turned it into this industrial design gem. Follow these instructions to create one at home.

Garden on Wheels

Some people throw their old bikes away or keep them stored away, unused and neglected.

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Other people see an opportunity to plant flowers and make a garden grow!

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Raise the Bar!

Got an old computer case? Here’s how you can lift everyone’s spirits!

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Nick Pelis of The Mod Zoo turned his computer case into a drinks dispenser. You can use it to dispense beer or coffee! Or both. Not at the same time, of course, unless you have more than one unused computer case lying around.

Fridge Reincarnated!

Turn your old refrigerator into a rustic outdoor cooler. Perfect for backyard barbecues or sizzles.

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One Last Tip : Head to the Tip Shops

After making what you can out of what would have been the pile originally destined for your kerbside, head on out to BCC’s tip shops and resource recovery centres.

Not until you’ve tried your hand at all these DIY stuff first, of course. Here’s one last set of ideas to spur you on. Behold, the ottoman! For when you feel “tired.”

Photo credit: Pinterest/Ani Cole