New Variable Speed Limit Signs Installed On Fig Tree Pocket & Waverley Roads

Photo credit: RACQ

New Variable Speed Limit Signs (VSLS) have been installed on the Western Freeway (outbound) between Waverley and Fig Tree Pocket Roads as part of the $1 million State Road Network Upgrade program.

The VSLS aims to reduce crash-related congestion and help improve the safety of motorists. These signs allow the speed limit on the motorway to be reduced when road conditions change during bad weather or as a result of an accident or congestion. With this, it will keep traffic flowing.

The new signs are installed in the following locations:

  • After the Waverley Road overpass
  • Near the Moggill Road overpass
  • On the Moggill Road on-ramp
  • After the Russell Terrace/Moggill Road on-ramp
  • After the Jerrang Street overpass
  • On the Fig Tree Pocket Road on-ramp

The flashing red circle on the VSLS will indicate that the speed limit has changes and motorists should adjust accordingly.

The installation of these new signs was announced last year. This is in line with the Palaszczuk Government’s commitment to build safer road networks.

According to Main Roads and Safety Minister Mark Bailey, “The signs aim to reduce the frequency of read-end crashes on the motorway.”

VSLS have also been used in other locations across the state. “The signs will operate by monitoring live traffic conditions via CCTV cameras and in-pavement vehicle detectors. If vehicles are approaching congestion, the signs will reduce the speed limit to 80 km/h. The speed limit will continue to be reduced in 20km/h increments to slow vehicles down safely,” Mr Bailey Said.

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