New High School Facility in Moggill Still Not Possible, Kenmore State High School To Make Changes to Protect Learning Environment

Photo credit: Ric DeLuca Architect

Residents of Kenmore, Ipswich, Mount Crosby and nearby suburbs have been pushing for a new high school as both Kenmore State High School and Ipswich State High School approach capacityIn fact, the entire Moggill electorate has been pushing for a new facility to house students.

In February of this year, a formal petition calling on the State Government to build a new high school in Ipswich has gone live, which was sponsored by the LNP’s Moggill MP Dr Christian Rowan. However, the state government was quick to reply by saying that the area does not support calls for a new school facility.

Although this has dampened the spirits of parents, they are still willing to fight. Due to the growing population, parents believe that a new school facility must be built.

However, Education Minister Kate Jones is determined to not get the parents’ hopes up. Last week, she wrote to the petition organisers to forget about the whole idea because the Education Department has identified the area as not of high growth. She further added that there is no strong evidence to support the delivery of a new school infrastructure.

Ms Jones said that they will closely monitor growth in student numbers. As of now, however, they have found a low number of secondary school-aged students, which means that a new school facility isn’t ideal.

Following this announcement, Scott Meehan, the council chairman of Kenmore State High School said that the council would meet again to discuss the issue this term. Mr Meehan said that they need to make some difficult decisions just to be able to protect the learning environment that their school has worked hard for many years. Also, they have to enforce the enrollment management plan and limit enrollments from out-of-catchment suburbs.

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