Method to the Madness Cafe: Shakespeare-inspired Cafe in Kenmore Now Open

Photo Credit: Method to the Madness / Facebook

Method to the Madness Cafe, a Shakesperean-inspired cafe recently opened its doors to Kenmore locals, serving all-day breakfast and turning into a lively bar by night.

Opening last December 2018, Method to the Madness Cafe pays homage to a famous line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t”; and truly, there is more to this cafe than meets the eye, something you’ll discover once you step inside.

Photo Credit: Method to the Madness / Facebook

Method to the Madness Cafe is located at the corner of Marshall Lane and Moggill Road and owned by Reagan Nongkhlaw and Urvik Bhalani. The venue’s theme is undeniably inspired by the beloved Bard with a dedicated wall filled with his famous quotes, a bookshelf full of Shakespeare’s works, and dishes named after his plays, yet it has a modern and airy atmosphere.

Photo Credit: Method to the Madness / Facebook

Breakfast and lunch are served with freshly brewed coffee, tea, smoothies, and breakfast cocktails such as Jealousy (crushed pineapple, vanilla ice cream, coconut milk, and white rum).


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Breakfast menu options include A Serpent’s Egg Your Way” (two eggs — poached, fried or scrambled — with grilled tomatoes, and hollandaise on sourdough), Hunt Thy Peas (Avocado spread on six seeds, chimichurri pea smash, lemon myrtle goats cream, prosciutto, and poached egg), and Be Not Afraid of Greatness (Wagyu spag bowl brioche sandwich, tomato chutney, fried egg, pecorino, and crispy panchetta).


Popular lunch picks include these hearty meals: O That Way Madness Lies (Crispy chilli pork burger, onion jam, apple slaw, pickled veggies, and crispy chats), Stay True to Thyself (Chicken spaghetti carbonara, mushrooms, and bacon crumbs), and Grain Salad (Mixed grains, caramelised onions, pomegranate, Drambuie currants, crunchy seeds, and Greek dressing) with option to add grilled chicken or smoked salmon.

There is a kid’s menu too, featuring ham and cheese toastie, cheese toastie, Little Eggs (One egg, poached, fried or scrambled served on square toast with bacon), and Little Waffle (Served with maple syrup and vanilla bean ice cream).

Method to the Madness Cafe serves breakfast all-day whilst lunch is served from 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. As a way to welcome 2019, the cafe will start serving dinner too.

3/9 Marshall Ln, Kenmore QLD 4069, Australia