Locals Concerned Over Proposed Mixed Use Development in Kenmore


A proposed mixed-use residential development in Kenmore raised concerns from some nearby residents due to its potential traffic impact on the surrounding area.

Based on the development application lodged in March 2019, the proposal seeks to build 34 serviced apartments plus an on-site manager’s apartment and a 3,044-sqm commercial space at 22 Brookfield Road and 17-21 Princeton Street.

The centre activity uses may be a restaurant or café, boutique cinema complex with associated uses, community facilities, serviced offices, strata-titled offices, education facilities, medical facilities, or car parking for tenants, owners and visitors.

Plans provided by Holgar Architects showed the apartments include terrace and balcony areas as well as a pool and outdoor entertainment space on the rooftop.

The plan also includes creating 150 car park spaces, with 129 dedicated for centre activities. If approved, the service apartments will be accessible via Bingham Street and the Centre Activities will be accessible via Princeton Street.

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“I own a business in Kenmore accessed off Princeton Street. This is a very narrow street and cannot take the increase in traffic this will cause. The Kenmore roundabout is already unable to handle current traffic volumes from Brookfield Road. This will add to that congestion,” one resident wrote.

Another resident said that there are already a number of cafes, gyms and townhouses in the area.

Princeton Street looking west (Photo Credit: pdonline.brisbane.qld.gov.au)

Brisbane City Council has carried out an initial review of the application and said the land use, height and scale of the proposal is not considered compatible with the surrounding development and the existing pattern of development in the area.

BCC said the proposal reaches a maximum height of 6 storeys, inconsistent with the two-storey maximum height in Princeton Street and Bingham Street’s low-density residential area.

The applicant needs to amend a number of matters relating to building design, engineering, bushfire, noise and air quality if the application were to be pursued further.

For further information about the proposed mixed-use development in Kenmore, see Full DA- A005160079.