Kerbside Collection 2019 Coming to Kenmore 29 April

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It’s that time of the year again! Dispose of your large household items as the annual Kerbside collection day in Kenmore comes along on 29 April 2019.

The list of acceptable items include: bath and laundry tubs; bicycles and sporting equipment; carpet and rugs; electronic waste such as televisions and computers; furniture and white goods like fridges and stoves; small household appliances including fans and toasters; and wood products that are less than 1.5 metres.

Keep in mind that the following are considered as unacceptable items and illegal dumping fines may apply if these materials are not removed within seven days of the notified collection period:

  • bricks and concrete
  • commercial builders waste
  • car parts and tyres, including car batteries
  • dirt and stones
  • garden waste (e.g. trees, grass, potted plants)
  • gas bottles
  • general household waste (e.g. food scraps)
  • glass and mirrors
  • hazardous wastes (e.g. chemicals, oil, asbestos)
  • household waste that normally goes into your waste or recycling bin
  • liquids

Aside from the annual Kerbside Collection, there are other resource recovery options, such as donating to organisations like GIVIT and NACRO for recycling and reuse of your large household items. Alternatively, you may visit any of the council’s resource recovery centres and bring your materials for disposal or recycling.

Repurpose Old Items

You don’t necessarily have to throw away your old furniture or electronic wastes. If you’re feeling creative, why not check out these clever repurposing ideas and start your own upcycling project.

Old television cabinet turned into a lovely doll house.

Old filing cabinet drawers repurposed as gardening containers.

CPU cabinet turned into a planter. Cool!

How about turning your electronic wastes into fashion accessories?

Nintendo remote repurposed as an iPhone dock. Very useful, right?

A lovely garden bench made from old bicycle chassis.

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The Council advises residents to place their acceptable items for collection on the kerbside in front of their respective home by 6am at the start of the collection period. Please note that illegal dumping fines may apply if you place your items on the kerb outside the collection period.