Kenmore’s The Single Guys Continues to Grow, Second Branch Opening at The CBD

Photo credit: The Single Guys Co. / Facebook

In 2013, Kenmore welcomed a Scandinavian-inspired coffee house run by gentlemen Ben Graham and Scott Wilson, aka “The Single Guys.


How It All Started

It all started when these guys met at The Valley Cafe where Graham worked as a barista whilst Wilson is one of the cafe’s regulars. The two guys were looking for a new venture and that’s when they discovered their shared passion for high-quality coffee. They settled in the leafy suburb of Kenmore because this is where they grew up. The two guys also spent time volunteering in Africa, which is why they have made it their mission to remain close to the farmers.


Local Resources

The Cafe

The cafe incorporates soft tones of wood with splashes of blacks and blues, perfectly complemented by the Edison bulbs surrounding the cafe. The bar and tables were built by Wilson himself. The delicious and rich aroma of coffee brewing from the bar just simply evokes authenticity of the beans used to concoct delicious coffee the West has never tasted before.

Photo credit: The Single Guys Coffee Co. / Facebook


Their Coffee & Food

Serving a mild house blend, which is a combination of Costa Rican and Ethiopian beans, along with more adventurous feature blends, will surely energise your day. Creamy and sweet brews are available whilst cappuccinos and hot chocolates are even made tweeted with Bunker chocolate.

Photo credit: The Single Guys Coffee Co. / Facebook

If you’re feeling hungry, try their delicious homemade muffins and brownies, or if you want something heavier, their baked eggs and mushroom, asparagus and pecorino on toast will surely satisfy that appetite.

Photo credit: The Single Guys Coffee Co. / Facebook


Thriving, Expanding, Continuously Brewing

In mid-2016, Wilson and Graham felt the need to sell the cafe, and Janey Guo was able to snatch it. Ever since then, Guo has been looking to expand the legacy of The Single Guys.

Recently, they have announced that their expansion plan has finally come to fruition. The second iteration of the Kenmore cafe brand will be opening at Brisbane’s CBD later this month. It will be at 201 Charlotte Street, formerly Bacano Coffee.

The look and feel of the place will be very similar to the one in Kenmore. In this new location, a Slayer Steam espresso machine will brew delicious coffee from former owner Graham’s Parallel Roasters. There will be other roasters as well, which will come as “guests” to shake up what they have to offer. The breakfast and lunch menu will be the same.

The place will also be a perfect place to wind down after a long day with a glass of red or beer. A licensed bar will be set up to cater to night crawlers.