Funky New Pizza Restaurant Arrives In Kenmore

When it comes to having pizza, anytime is the perfect time. Last 23 March, Kenmore welcomed a Neighbourhood Pizza, a new addition to the neighbourhood at Moggill Rd. Jordan Lomas, formerly of  Two Trees cafe, has opened this 53-seat that has made this cool Western suburb even cooler, with its creative pizza flavors, carefully curated beverage menu and good vinyl music.

After Two Trees cafe, Lomas knew it was time to venture in a different direction. After narrowing down what people love these days to pizza, good drinks, and cool interiors, he started working on this project. He drew inspiration from a trip to Japan, where he was pleasantly surprised to discover some of the best New York-style pizza that he has tasted. Lomas wanted to give the same experience to the locals at Kenmore.

In a bid to recreate his Japanese experience, Lomas and his team aim to keep things simple and to use only the finest ingredients for their pizza selection. His local architect Kirsty Hetherington, helped him recreate the clean, minimalist interiors with authentic New York pizza parlour touches that made his vision come to life. A neon sign outside the restaurant draws the locals to come in and see what they have to offer.

“We just want to be a place where you can eat great food. We want to have some fun with it so, for example, we’ll be doing eggplant parmie-crumbed eggplant-pizza and there will also be a meatball pizza. I guess we’ll be leaning more New York in style,” Lomas said.

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Photo credit: The Weekend Edition /
Photo credit: The Weekend Edition /

The opening menu of Neighbourhood Pizza features five classic pizza options and several starters. For those who like pineapples on their pizza, their Hawaiian pizza is a must-try topped with capocollo ham and chili. The eggplant parmigiana is also worth digging into with its gooey blend of mozzarella, confit garlic, and basil for that delicious mouthful of flavours that go perfectly together.

Neighbourhood Pizza also conveniently pairs their pizza selection with boutique Australian wines like Mac Forbes and Ministry of Clouds. Their beer, which mimics American pale ale, is made by Lee from White Lies Brewing.  A perfect cross between American and Australia, with touches of the Land of the Rising Sun in its interior styling, Neighbourhood Pizza is a blend of the familiar and the unique, with its out-of-the-box approach to down-home comfort.

Elevating the place to a funky new level is Lomas’ collection of vinyl records, which diners can enjoy listening to, while they enjoy the service and the happy hour deals that are planned for the coming months. At present, Neighbourhood Pizza offers dinner service, but stay tuned for their upcoming lunch service.

Photo credit: Google Maps